On 9/11, Remembering and Thanking

Track says goodbye to Tripp at the airport as he heads back to Afghanistan after his visit home this summer. :(

On this September 11, we remember the thousands who died on that terrible day, the thousands more who’ve fallen defending us abroad, and the men and women who have sacrificed so much to defend us during eleven long years of war.  I’d especially like to thank my brother, Track, for his service in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I love you and admire you more than you know.

  • Jilline

    Track is the nicest young man. You can tell by your pictures Tripp adores him. He knows what’s important in life.
    And boy does he look like your father.

  • Blake

    OMG I just tweeted a similar picture (not in car) of my uncle saying bye to the family. It is heartbreaking but there’s so much to admire about these brace souls.

  • Jody kauaihilo

    Bristol I’m so glad that trip has such out standing male role models in his life your dad track and gino will help him to know what a real man is like and he adores them

  • AnnA

    Thank you to the troops. And thank you to our President for ending the long war in Afganistan and for killing Osama Bin Laden. May we continue to work toward peace, not war.

    • Kate

      Obama didn’t kill Osama Bin Laden, Navy SEALS who are risking their lives everyday for this country killed him. If you are going to thank anyone, thank them, and the thousands of other soliders who have risked or lost their lives.

      • Mariah

        Kate, Thank You!!!! It was the work of our finest!!!! God bless!!

      • AnnA

        Kate, looks like you missed that I actually did thank the troops. And while President Obama was not on the ground with the Seals when Bin Laden was killed he is their Commander in Chief and responsible for the mission. You certainly would have blamed him if it had failed badly. We congratulate him for it bring done and done well.

        • Pat

          Anna, Pres. Obama did make the call, but it was probably the easiest call he has had to make. I can’t imagine any president that would not have made that call in the aftermath of what happened on 9/11.

    • section9

      Actually, the Long War in Afghanistan is going on with no real end in sight, unless you really believe we’ll be out of there by 2014.

      • AnnA

        The end has been section9 and thd mission shifted. Thank you President Obama. Thank you to thd troops who are still there and will be into 2013.

    • Bruce O’H.

      I’m a White male, Christian and Conservative. I’m a Tea Party member since day one.
      The President and his Party, and their sycophantic followers, and their union thugs, have labeled me the enemy. They’ve branded me a likely domestic terrorist. I’m called evil for being pro-life. I’m called a racist. I’m called a reactionary. I’m called stupid.
      I don’t think the President considers me worth worrying about.
      So I don’t consider him my President.
      He’s just a bad nightmare for America that needs to be defeated politically.

  • http://berkerblog.blogspot.com SueB

    Yes, this is a day we always need to remember and honor. God be with your brother.

  • sodakhic

    Thank you to your brother, Bristol. May he return home safely to his wife and daughter.

  • Joseph

    I will never forget that day! May God be with the friends and families of the victims who have died tragically that day. And God bless our troops who have fought for our country and who are still fighting! May God’s hand of protection be over our all our troops, especially your brother, Track! Love you Palin family! And God bless America!

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  • wendy

    Just curious what’s up with the little boy’s attire. It looks like he is wrapped up in a blanket or sheet but not really dressed for the outdoors or travel.

    • AnnA

      Whatever the case, at least he is buckled into a car seat. Sarah Palin has been neglectful of having Piper and Trig seat-belted in moving vehicles.

      • Sue

        And you know this how? You have a hidden camara in her car?

  • Kim Castro

    Bristol, I agree September 11, 2001 brings so much into perspective. It demonstrates why we should always be vigilant locally and throughout the world. Our public safety personnel, intelligence community and our military are at the forefront in our battle with those that would harm us. Thank God that they’re there and God Bless them for all they do!