Starting Rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars!

Mark and I kicked off our first rehearsal in Alaska at Sonja’s Dance Studio!

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  • Deborah

    You and Mark will dance better than all of the others. I am behind you 100%

  • Kimberly Lindsey

    Looking great! Cannot wait for the show to begin

  • Robyne King

    You are going to do so good with Mark. He’s terrific and so are you. Keep doing what GOD wants you to do. You know that when people say bad stuff it’s because you are doing what you are suppose to be doing. GOD doesn’t make mistakes.

  • http://Bristol'sBlog Helen Wiley

    Bristol, you did so well last time on the show. I’m so glad Mark is your partner again this year. And Mark, you were a gentleman around Bristol and I appreciate that.

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  • Jacinda

    Bristol you are a beautiful girl, best of luck!

  • Rebecca Pifer

    We love you Bristol! And we love Sonja’s Dance Studio!! Good luck from us in Eagle River, AK!

  • Bonny Batman

    Looking forward to watching you and Mark again. Good luck guys have fun!

  • blackbird

    Bristol, doesn’t Mark look a tad little overweight? or is it that sweater he is wearing? but you are looking fit as a fiddle, you have a very good chance to win it all, good luck.

  • Unit

    dammnnn!! you look super hot!…you lost a lot of weight.