Starting Rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars!

Mark and I kicked off our first rehearsal in Alaska at Sonja’s Dance Studio!

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    Bristol you are as beautiful as your Mom. I will be voting for you every time.

    • http://facebook brenda carroll

      Best of luck, go for the crown!!!!! You and Mark have a real connection together, I love u both!!

  • http://facebook pat cook

    go out there & kick some ass!!! you are beautiful both inside & out!!! i pray they leave your mom out of it this time & simply let her be a proud mom cheering you on. you deserve all the best life has to offer!!

  • Walter Pereira

    Nice shoes! Thanks for the photo. Good luck.

  • James

    Just keep making sure that your son is not kept from his father while you are gone… good job letting them be together.

    • Heather Laurin

      James maybe if Levi was not such a deadbeat he would take an interest in his son. Too bad he has passed on the chances to be with Tripp even with Bristol calling him and wanting him to come for a visit. There won’t be anyone keeping Levi from Tripp except Levi himself.

      Bristol, best of luck to you on DWTS. We will be voting for you in my house!!

  • Patty

    You look beautiful… You are gonna do a great job and I will be voting for you… Count on it.. :)

  • Sharon

    Can’t wait!!!!

  • Michael Mills

    I’m so excited about the upcoming show! It is approaching quickly. Yay! I can’t wait.

  • Sydney

    Good luck Bristol!! Have fun and kick some dancing ass!! Can’t wait to see you on DWTS, I know you can do this!! :)

  • Nightbird

    Go Bristol!

  • Darren

    Bristol this is your chance to shine like a star. To get exposure ((promote) good or bad (scandals)).
    You stand a equal chance of winning the Mirror Ball as the rest of the contestant. Be confident in yourself and Mark. After all, Mark got Katherine Jenkins (unknown) to the finals.
    I will be voting for you. And helping to get votes for you.
    Remember what Len Goodman said; “Throw caution to the wind.” “Be flirtatious and sexy.” “Taking chances wins dances.”