Starting Rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars!

Mark and I kicked off our first rehearsal in Alaska at Sonja’s Dance Studio!

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  • SueB

    You are so skinny!! I hope you’re taking vitamins and eating SOMETHING! Great photo. Really looking forward to seeing you and Mark dance.

    • Nova

      She so slim you could think she’s a bad hunter.

  • Georgia

    Bristol, you look beautiful, fit and lean and ready to knock ‘em dead. Go Bristol and Mark!

  • rusty

    Bristol, I will always support you for being brave and taking on the world.

  • Holley

    Go Bristol! You’re gorgeous no matter what! Praying you win!!!

  • Cathie

    Good luck! I’ll be watching and supporting you and Mark!!

  • ladydawnelle

    You GO Girl! Tell Mark to behave! LOL

  • NanaJ

    All of you look awesome. LOVE the pink shoes you have own. Keep dancing. We will keep voting.

  • Keri Norton

    Looks like you are ready to take on another season. Will continue to pray for you. Be strong!

  • Tara K

    That’s awesome. Can’t wait to see the show .. I’m routing for you!

  • autumng

    Looking good ! Just remember (Sonja & Mark prob told you already) no dancing in sneakers, put the low heeled black shoes on. Gatorade, water, PB&J, bananas and nuts and you’re good to go.