DWTS First Week’s Dance: The Cha Cha

I know many of you weren’t able to see the first night of Dancing with the Stars.   Here’s the video of what Mark and I managed to do with the cha cha!

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  • Michael

    WOW!!! You’re confidence level is “off the charts” compared to last time. You are a beautiful young lady with a beautiful family and a beautiful little boy. You actually exude confidence this time, and you should be very proud of yourself. WAY TO GO, BRISTOL!!!!

  • Jayson

    Bristol, you and Mark were OFF THE HOOK…..wow!!

    Cannot wait to see this season progress. Stay confident. We love you!

  • Sunny

    If everyone didn’t get to watch this week, I hope I helped take up some of the slack! I used all my resources to vote. Come on everyone — vote! vote! vote! The competition being All-Stars is stiffer this time, and they all have great fans. Bristol & Mark are doing their part. Now we all have to do ours. Bristol your smile must melt the judges hearts, because it is spectacular. Forget all of us watching and just concentrate on what you’ve learned from Mark, and dance like nobody’s watching. Love you. All the best.

  • Gregory Russo

    Fanstasic Bristol. It seems that your definiately the best “Most Improved” Constant this season DWTS All-Stars. I praying that you and Mark Ballasl do better this week. In addition, your son, your family are in good spirits.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/BooBooBear4U2 Darren White

    Wow! That was a fantastic Cha Cha. You had game on. You shined and dazzled the judges. I know I couldn’t do that before millions of people. I give you kudos for that. You know Bristol, I believe you can win this. Because millions of people are falling in love with you as I have did. I heard at the office how impressed they were of you. I will be supporting you all the way with my votes. Do you suppose that ABC/Disney can pull “The Love Boat” out of moth balls and put you in a role as Julie McCoy, Cruise Director (Lauren Tewes)? And perhaps have DWTS Pros do cameos on the show. You have great potential Bristol. Love you and best of luck. Go Team Ballin!