After Last Week’s Elimination

Well, they made us wait long enough, but we made it through!  Thanks you for all the support and voting.  Here’s a fun interview Mark and I gave to ABC7 after that elimination night.

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  • Amy in CA

    Love you Bristol! Dance baby dance!!!!

  • Georgia

    We are so lookining forward to tonight’s, “Redneck Woman” performance. You’re are both going to knock it out of the park. Go Bristol and Mark!!!!

  • Author SHerry Gammon

    You are so awesome!! Best wished tonight!!

  • bellagrazi

    Awesome interview, Bristol! “Redneck Woman”! #hellyeah Hopefully, you and Mark will be saved a lot earlier in the show this week!

  • Nightbird

    We know that they always make it look as if you and Mark are in jeopardy and mostly save your results for last to keep us all viewing. Go, you guys!

  • CJ

    Bristol, I lovvvved it! I don’t care what the judges said. I thought you and Mark did a FANTASTIC job!! It was so much fun!! Loved everything about it and every second of it. If anything, it wasn’t long enough :) You are the ABSOLUTE CUTEST couple on that dance floor!!! Couldn’t stop smiling…..still am! :) :) :)
    GOD BLESS YOU, MARK, for making Bristol so, so happy tonight. OXO

  • Jonette Freeman

    I missed their scores tonite, I saw the dance, but missed their scores can anyone help me ? And how do u vote on fb? Thank you for ur kind help God Bless !! Go Bristol and Mark my favorites !!!
    Win !! Win !! WIN !!!