“Breaking It Down With Bristol” – Week Two

Thanks to Kevin Scholla for the second episode of “Breaking It Down with Bristol,” which originally aired on SarahNet Radio!

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  • Antoinette

    Yay! -t’s going to be a great show! Knock ‘em dead Bristol! Thanks Kevin and SarahNET!

  • Michael

    Kevin is so right about the Chazz Bono situation. Palin haters should be ashamed of the personal things they’ve said about this great family over politics. Way to go Chazz! Nice interview Kevin. Good luck Bristol!

  • amanda f

    As if I’m not nervous enough already. I love these interviews. They get me so pumped for the show! Dance your heart out BP!

  • BigO

    I tried to call several times and could not get through last week to vote. Did get to vote on line though. Very frustrating. Hope that doesn’t happen tonight.

  • Judy Short

    You ARE the most improved. Sure enjoyed watching you and Mark. Good Luck tonight. I’m pulling for you.

  • nina p

    I will spread the word on facebook!

  • michelle smythe

    Are these shows posted on Facebook?

  • http://bristolsblog@gmail.com deborah k. brewer

    think your doing great Bristol! Voted for you every time when you danced on the previous season show. I’m a granny, graduated many years ago from UAF in Fairbanks. Very proud of you! Keep doing great and know alot in the U.S. love you and are so inspired by you! Go team Bristol and Mark!

  • NanaJ

    Your dancing was much better than the scores the judges gave you. WE voted for you.

  • patty

    SUPER FUN Dance…Loved It! Looked like you were having so much fun. Let’s hope for favorable results tomorrow night.