DWTS Second Week’s Dance: Quick Step

On DWTS Week Two, Mark and I danced to “Redneck Woman,” made famous by Gretchen Wilson.  See it here!

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  • CapitalG

    P-P-P-Palin Power!

    Glad you made it thru week 2. The haters gonna have to hate for at least another week!

  • Joe

    Congratulations Bristol and Mark!!

  • Georgia

    Bristol both you and Mark were wonderful. All the Stars and Pros knew the rules when they started this All-Stars season. Those who are complaining are spewing sour grapes. You have a huge fan base, because you are respected and loved and of course your fans love Mark, too. Hold your heads up high, continue to walk with the Lord, work hard, and seize this opportunity, in spite of the whiners. Go Bristol and Mark!

  • NanaJ

    Carrie Ann posted that the elimination “does not make sense” on her FB wall. How unprofessional of a judge to say that the VIEWERS & VOTERS of a show she judges “does not make sense”.

  • Fado

    NanaJ perhaps Carrie thinks people actually will be honest and vote once and vote for whom they believe is the best dancer. In that case, it would make sense that the worst dancer would go home.

    It doesn’t make sense that Bristol is still there. She is the worst dancer. And her performance this week was actually worse than the first week – it was awkward, slow, and badly executed.

    • James

      VFTW was voting for her. So it does make sense

  • Bo

    I doubt that you are self-aware enough to actually understand this but you should be mortally embarrassed that you weren’t eliminated last night. First of all, there was that little pity-party you threw about how “it doesn’t matter what I do . . . I will still get sixes from the judges”. Then there was the travesty that you were in jeopardy, let alone not booted off the competition last night.
    This week’s results clearly show that DWTS is a popularity contest; not a dance competition. You and your mother have a huge following on FB and Twitter, I know. But that’s no excuse for the cynical self-promotion.
    I absolutely agree with Carrie Ann — by all measures, last night’s votes made no sense. But, then, there really is no sense in PalinLand or the echo chamber where all the Palinistas live.

    • Reallynow

      Along with the shots of Bristol chomping on her gum like a cow, yuck. And to all you God freaks (Georgia). I really don’t think he has time to be worried about an uneducated, star struck, poor me sourpuss dancing on tv. What kind of God worries about rich girls winning a dancing competition?

  • Bonny

    You are your Mother’s daughter! Going Rogue and loven it! One gal said she thought the competition was going to be rough, and then there was Bristol with the Tea Party. I don’t care if it was the Tea Party, Team Sarah, Sarah Radio, or what — you went rogue and made it through the storm. Keep going guys, this is a fun watch. – Sure beats the nonsense all over channels at the moment. Thanks, have fun and good luck. Love you guys!

  • Bonny

    You know what is fun to see — Family loyalty — Family particpation — Family enthusiasm — and whatever help and interest can be added. Seems the world has become dog eat dog ( out of control.) Just fun to see people having fun, and family standing by giving all the encouragement and love they can. I think that is part of what upsets these hateful people. If you are always defensive, ready to criticize, life goes sour. Just look at the faces. Keep smiling Bristol, you’ve got one beautiful smile and a partner that looks like fun too. DANCE BABY DANCE!! Good Luck Guys.

  • David

    Bristol, congratulations – you made through week 2.
    I’m glad that the Judges’ low scores did not keep you from advancing.
    You have a lot of Fans.
    Good luck next week and keep having fun.

  • ph

    Congratulations Bristol and Mark! Looking forward to next week!