DWTS Third Week’s Dance: Paso Doble

On DWTS Week Three, Mark and I danced the paso doble.  See it here!

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  • Fado

    Hmmm interesting thing to say Michael when you take the time to read the commments and resound. That’s the best you’ve got?

    Ah well, hopefully Bree and anyone else understands now how they were misinterpreting the vote.

  • http://wordpaintingsUnlimited.com Author SHerry Gammon

    Awesomeness!! I was out of town and couldn’t vote, but I call me my awesome family and they did!! Great dance!

  • Elaine

    Great Job and I can’t wait to see your ROCK AND ROLL number next week. I’m glad you are not letting the stress from all the HATERS get to you. Keep smiling, it’s your best asset! :)

  • Mark Miller

    Congrats! A high score!

  • ShelbyisaPatriot

    Go Bristol! I will vote for you every week!

  • CapitalG

    Surviving double elim and getting to dance Rock n Roll made for a really big night!

    Hope you can enjoy the dance and make the most of this opportunity to survive another week. Good luck!

  • http://bristolsblog@gmail.com deborah k. brewer

    My prayers are with you and Mark for Mondays new show! I know you’!l look beautiful and have your angels moving your feet and body! You’re doing great so go out on the dance floor and rock and roll! Have alot of fun! I’ll be voting as much as I can. Bristol, God be with you!

  • Nancy Tozier

    Great job! It has to be tough with those who don’t agree with Mom’s politics, hoping for you to fail, but you have prevailed with class and more guts than any one. And you dance great too!

  • Cathy Badley

    Bristol, I think your new look has helped your selfesteem so much. I have always been a competitive person. One thing I never wanted to have happen was for someone to LET me win when I wasnt deserving of a win. How do you feel about being on a dance contest show when you know very well that your dancing ability is way below all of the other couples. In the end, if you are eliminated you will feel proud of yourself, realising that a true dancing ability won the contest for that reason, being a great dancer. Your mother should not influence these votes. You are an adult beautiful woman and you know what is right. God bless you honey. Stand up for yourself and dont let politics cloud this contest.

    • mlynn

      Bristol, i voted for you every week not because of your mom or her influence. I just adore you for who you are, you are an amazing girl, bright and happy. I support you mom because she stand for me (the little person with no voice) in the political arena which i am forever will be grateful. I pray for you always, for God’s guidance because at the end of the day, God is still in control!