DWTS Third Week’s Dance: Paso Doble

On DWTS Week Three, Mark and I danced the paso doble.  See it here!

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  • Linsey

    I have taken up for you so much, and I am very annoyed by all the negative. People running their mouths saying that you have two left feet. Like you and Mark said in the first episode that you may not dance as good as some of them, but I think it is a competition and you improve every week. That is what DWTS is all about! So why can’t other people see that, and the things they say are so frustrating. They don’t even know what they are talking about half the time. I have to stop reading the forums on facebook because I just get so mad. I will continue to give you my votes, because I want you to win. I don’t care if a few measly people quit watching DWTS because we are keeping you in, but we like you and I like to watch you improve every week. It’s awesome! Plus the less people watching that don’t like you, that’s less rude/negative comments. YAY!! :))

    • Bree Merr

      Linsey.. Bristol and her fans are thwarting their agenda. Why don’t they drum up votes for the others? The people go off because of lack of votes not because someone else gets votes. They really don’t care who wins they just want to hate anything Palin. We fans can just ignore them… let them wallow in their own childish tantrums and enjoy her experience of personal growth and acheivements.

  • Mary

    Bristol, you danced like such a professional! Your moves were perfect and I was so mad at the judges for giving you low scores. You definately deserved much higher points! Keep up your spirits honey, we are all rooting for you!

  • bellagrazi

    Absolutely flawless! Gorgeous!

  • Sarah

    Keep on keepin’ on, Bristol! Gilles speaks highly of you in interview after Tuesday night’s elimination: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20638013,00.html

  • David

    Very Good! That was your best dance so far.
    Good luck next week.

  • Fado

    Yawn. And no, this dance nor the preceding week’s, does not show improvement. But that’s not why they put Bristol on the show.

    • Bree Merr

      Fado, Obviously many more disagree with you than agree, she is still there. Your opinion is just that.. an opinion. Many thot her dances were beautiful both times. Fado you chose to be the kind of person wutg a negative, hateful spirit and now that must be frustrating to not really know how to be the opposite. You just don’t have it in you and I truly feel sorry for you but it is your choice.

  • Fado

    Sorry Bree, but you don’t really know how it works, do you? It’s not that more people think Bristol is the best dancer or even their favorite for whatever reason. All it means is more people bother to vote for her . Do you see the difference ? ( assuming the producers even report the fan votes accurately)

  • Fado

    Actually, it doesn’t even necessarily mean more people vote for her: it means more people vote for her multiple times each week. Even less indicative of her performance …..

    • Bree Merr

      Silly Fado, that is true w/ all of them. I’m sure the dancers vote mltiple times and their friends and family and fans. However apparently not as many fans as Bristol!! The hosts encourage it so Fado come on now you can do it for your favoirte too. No whining.

  • Fado

    No one’s whining Bree. Just pointing out to you that Bristol getting the most votes does not mean that more people think she’s the best dancer or even a good dancer or even their favorite dancer than people who think her being on DWTS is a joke and for nothing more than controversy/viewership.

  • Michael

    Poor, miserable, pathetic little Fado… Is your life totally void of love? Don’t you have any friends whatsoever or any accomplishments to be proud of? Apparently not, since you spend your days trolling here. I’d offer you pity, but you’re hardly worth even that.