Exciting New Book!

The writer who helped me sort through my old journal, photos, and stories to create “Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far” — which was a New York Times Best Seller thank to all of you amazing readers!!! — just got another major book deal.

Nancy French is now writing a book with Bob Fu, who’s been described as the Martin Luther King Jr. of China.  He is best known for helping blind dissident Chen Guangcheng escape, and he also founded ChinaAid.

Congratulations on the book deal!  Read about it here and follow Nancy on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • mlynn

    Thank you Bristol for posting this great news and deal for Nancy French. Congratulations Nancy on the book deal. Wish you all the lucks and God bless you always!

  • Jake

    There’s just a certain handful that comment on here two or three times a day just to harass anything about Bristol. You sad pathetic keyboard warriors. You attentions starved children, stomping your feet and pitching a fit. I honestly want to know how it is that you make a living. I have to work my ass off all day to pay bills an you people spend all day trolling conservative websites talking trash. So my tax dollars pay your welfare so that you can be lazy. You disgust me.

    • Bree Merr

      Jake They are parasites. They know nothing else.

    • Sheila

      I have a great job and make tons of money. I worked hard to get where I’m at. Worked myself through college and slowly climbed the corporate ladder. The good ole boys club aint what it used to be.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    I thank you for your comment Jake and I totaly agree.One little detail they forget this is Bristols blog and they treat it as a open social network. As far as I’m conerned it’s like Bristols home and they enter it as hostile intruders a home invasion.

    • Sheila

      Are you kidding Thomas? Bristol’s “blog” is hosted on an open social network called Patheos. She doesn’t own patheos.

      • Sheila

        And you do realize that patheos also hosts blogs for atheists, pagans, buddhists, muslims and people who crochet appliance cozies. ok i made the last one up.

  • Mike

    I hope she gets on the best seller list again
    I love you Bristol

  • Thomas Hubbard

    It looks like there’s a devastating hurricane right here in Bristols blog, and you know who you are.

    • Sheila

      Lol. Good one Thomas.

  • bellagrazi

    Nancy’s awesome! Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far is a great read. She really captured your voice, Bristol. Congrats, Nancy!

  • Sheila

    Blue states don’t get prayers from the Palin crowd. Nothing in it for them.