My Appearance on “The View”

In case you missed it, here is my appearance on The View last week! 

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  • Terri

    Great interview Bristol !

  • Sheila

    Hi Bristol,

    Don’t know if you saw this or not but thought you’d like it. John Franklin Stephens ( An athlete with Down Syndrome who competes in he Special Olympics) wrote a letter to Ann Coulter asking her to stop using the r-word. It was really well written and I’m proud that he stood up for himself. Ann Coulter is just another democrat who throws around slurs to get attention, full well knowing how much it hurts people. I hope you or your mother will step in and condemn her for this.

    • Lee

      “Ann Coulter is just another democrat who throws around slurs to get attention, full well knowing how much it hurts people.”

      Ann most definitely not democrat.

    • Patrick

      Sheila – you f**king ret**ded C**T! How is Ann Coulter a Democrat? Come back here at once and explain yourself!

      • Sheila

        Oh I know she’s not a Democrat. I was just baiting all the losers that post here. Not a ONE corrected me. And not a ONE said anything about Bristol and Sarah completely ignoring what Mann Coulter said. When a democrat uses that word its the END OF THE WORLD. But a conservative? Nah…they get a pass. Guess Sarah and Bristol just decided to “shuck and jive” right past this controversy. Another example of republican hypocrisy.

  • Robin

    You are a strong person. I would have had a hard time sitting next to Joy knowing she has said hateful things about your Mom. At least Whoopie was decent enough to just not talk at all instead of being two faced like Joy. The woman has so much hatred in her heart I quit watching the show unless I read someone is going to be on it that I love. I’ve swithced my TV to the Steve Harvey Show he keeps it clean and makes me laugh everyday.

  • Rebekah

    I remember the first time I looked for a website to post comments on to make people mad…

  • Jenn

    You’re mighty brave, hiding behind your computer screen. Pathetic.

  • hrh

    trailer trash?

    And how old are you?

  • Jacinda

    Bo you clearly are the trash here.

  • Donna

    The trailer trash person seems to be you. Leaving animalistic hate messages just takes tou doen, not Bristol.

  • donna

    Why are you even on here? Just to bash the Palins? Boy get a life!

  • Donna

    Meant to say the attitude takes Bo down, not Bristol.