Let’s Talk about 2013!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Is anyone making resolutions?

This year, I’ve decided not to make any resolutions, and simply take one day at a time with Tripp.  Life is hard enough not to add layers of expectations on top of a new year!  Did you guys make any?  What did you decide to do better in 2013?

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  • SueB

    I’m not making any either. I do, however, chose a word each year that is going to be my focus and this year it is “positive”. I want to be better at being positive.

  • Joseph

    Getting closer in my relationship with God, reading my Bible more, eating right, working out, obviously sticking with dancing ;) , and getting back into piano lessons!

  • Aussie Guy

    My new years resolution is just to draw closer to God this year, to turn from sinful habits and draw closer to Him.. same resolution every year from now on! Bristol you are courageous and you are someone girls around the world can look up to. Life hits hard for everyone, but some people don’t get knocked over and stay down… instead they not only keep moving forward but they actually manage to help others along the way- you’re one of those people. I hope my little sister grows up to have a character like yours Bristol. God bless you in 2013!

  • http://www.msfight.org Ian

    My resolution for 2013 is to finally be able to get the small therapy pool to help me with my Multiple Sclerosis, then put in the hard work at rebuilding my muscles, walk better, improve my quality of life and change my status from home bound and trapped at home, to a productive part of society once again.


    • melory

      I wish you success with your resolution. Thanks for the link, I will check it out. I bought a book from the library recently, written by a doctor about his life with MS. I suspect someone in my family (he is in his twenties) has it. From the book it seems people with especially wheat (and some other) allergies are susceptible to MS. The person I’m talking about woke up twice in the span of one year with what the doctors thought was bels palsy. After more than a year some of the symptoms still not gone, so I am worried about him. The book suggests a gluten-free diet, but the person I’m talking about won’t listen, still too young and restless. I pray for him (still hoping it is not MS) and for you for healing and strength.

  • mike

    I didn’t make any resolutions per say but I am trying to be more like you, independant and loving life with the brethren at a local church…have a great 2013!

  • Kirstin Fitzgerald

    My New Years resolution is to put my cell phone down and spend more time with my son! Like you, I’m taking it one day at a time. Happy New Years!

  • melory

    Mine is to buy your mom’s book on fitness and lose weight.
    For now I will try out the no flour, no sugar diet. I forgot the doctor’s name who wrote a book about it.

  • william kyles

    so do u have some way to get in touch with u not trying to bug u .like i siad it is not bad wek759@aol.com

  • David

    Happy New Year !
    I did not make any Resolutions – just hoping 2013 will be a Good Year.

  • Patsy Carlisle

    Cleaning out pantry, utility room and closet are my three main resolutions. Losing 20#’s by April 1 for a cruise, and exercising 3-4x/wk. Wish me luck. LOL