Let’s Talk about 2013!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Is anyone making resolutions?

This year, I’ve decided not to make any resolutions, and simply take one day at a time with Tripp.  Life is hard enough not to add layers of expectations on top of a new year!  Did you guys make any?  What did you decide to do better in 2013?

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  • http://FB Cricket Nichols

    I did make a new years resolution…….just be happy!!!

  • blackbird

    Lose weight, get down to 180lbs from 220lbs, generally improve my fitness and health and also do more to help others in any way I can.

  • Tootie

    Bristol, I know a way to have an easier time rearing Tripp. If you and Gino married, he would be his daddy and I promise you it would become easier. Plus, having a son myself, I know how much a boy is drawn to his father, that male figure. It’s remarkable.
    When my son, Sammy, was four I was telling him about Jesus and how he could ask him in his heart. His father wasn’t a Christian. He would tell me, “NO, I want to drink beer like Daddy!” Not long after, the Holy Spirit had gotten ahold of him and he did give his heart to Jesus. Many years later I wanted to give him Christian CD to listen to in the car. He told me it had to be by male singers. His own little boy wanted to wear tiny boxer shorts because his father wore that kind. Do you get the picture? Tripp needs a father and you need a husband. The key thing a husband does is provide PROTECTION and a covering for the family. He is very important. Don’t listen to the feminism of the world. Look at the fruit: women are alone making money. Their husband has taken off and they are left with children who are very unhappy and dis-functional. THAT’S the fruit of the world’s teachings.

  • Gmd

    Oh tootie.

  • http://yahoo.com john norton

    Remaining Active,is the best way … speaking of ,whns your Ma gonna get bk dwn here in the trenches with the rest of us again,we cld shore use her… ` ?

  • Kimberly

    Spend less and save more, pray more, read the Bible more. :)

  • melory

    Like a rose, trambled on the ground, You took the fall, and thought of me above all!

    • melory

      should be “trampled”.

  • liberty

    My New Years Resolution is to try not stoop to the level of the trolls who come here or anywhere else with their PDS. And before I reply to them I will remember to ask myself WWJD (what would JESUS do).

    So Happy New Year Bristol and Happy New Year to Sarah and the rest of the Palins and Heaths.

  • GP

    Mine is to keep trusting in The Lord, and to pray for people more, even my enemies. Another one is to volunteer for my county, I want to be in government and getting close to college. I don’t usually do these resolutions, but I’ve lowered the bar for me this year!

  • Leona

    Humbly asked Jesus to take hold of my life 100 percent. Have Him teach me to be more like Him, less of myself and more of Him. Live one day at a time with Him in control. Its gonna be really hard but with Him everything is possible.