The View From My Back Porch

So, what’s the weather like where you are?!  Above is a glimpse of life here!

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  • Laurie

    So pretty! It’s 51 in the Atlanta area today. But when I was in my old home state, Ohio, for the holidays, we had lots of snow in the snow belt (just south of Cleveland, southeast coast of Lake Erie), 12 inches and it was plastered to the trees just as in your picture;)

  • melory

    1 degree here in parts of the northwest.

  • Laurie

    Oh, forgot to mention, the store, Five Below, is selling snowman making kits, however it is very rare for snow to occur in GA, and if it snows (an inch or 2 if we’re lucky), it’s melted by later the same day, or the next day. No comparison to the snowy winters I grew up in.

  • marie

    -5 and clear in So. Idaho Cold but the sun is nice.

  • Dennis

    Northern Illinois, right now the wind is pushing 40mph, totally uncommon for Jan. Last Feb, had a drift two feet high by the front door.. Short on snow this year, just as well, since most people have never learned to drive in snow, they even have problems in their driveways when there is no

  • CJ

    BREATHTAKING!!! And to think that each and every snow flake is unique unto itself in it’s design/pattern and NEVER duplicated according to scientific data, absolutely blows my mind! :)

  • Tootie

    Wow, it’s so beautiful. I lived in Alaska for three years and fell in love with it.

  • Louise Broda

    That kind of snow cover silences everything. It makes its own special kind of hush.
    Many years in the Maine winters.

  • minnesotaguy

    Well Bristol from your pic it looks like the same what it is doing here in Minnesota very windy with some snow blowing around and cold.

  • Kristi Honas

    Nice pic BP! It’s 16 here in Iowa today with a dusting if snow. Expecting a low in the minus digits tonight. Keep Truckin Bristol! You’re doing great!