5 PHOTOS: Dad, Scott, Grandma, Grandpa, and the “Alaska Bushman”

This weekend is the start of the Iron Dog.  As promised, here are some photos from previous years’ races.  Above is dad and his partner Scott Davis before the race in 2009.  Thank you to Birch Leaf Photography for the amazing pictures!

The next photo is from the last year’s race and shows Dad at the starting line. CLICK HERE

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  • Sue Lynn

    I’ll be watching…post live feeds…I love the GPS…I watch till the end…send us pictures and video!!!!

  • Cheyenne

    Love these pic because it is so totally small town America but Alaska style.

  • ph

    Thanks for sharing Bristol! Keep them coming!…:)

  • Misty

    That bushman outfit is hilarious, but I bet it keeps that guy warm!

  • peter fowler

    Sarah, I love your political views, but I hate your shooting animals from your helicopter and the Iron Dog is animal abuse in that dogs will go for their master until they die. Please, no more dog races. Thanks much,

    • Gail Canty

      unbelievably uninformed. The Iron Dog has nothing to do with dogs.

    • TrueBlue

      Imagine how much more you’d lover her, Peter, if you knew that the Iron Dog is actually a SNOWMOBILE race. Even lefties know that much…

  • Nita Iversen

    Bristol, I just found your blog and will follow. You and your family do live the American dream. I have a daughter living in Fairbanks and get to Alaska in the summers. Now how do I follow this race live>

  • David

    Great Photos!
    Thanks for sharing, Bristol.

  • Dan

    How cool is that! I just love everything about your family I wish you guys were our neighbors.

  • YippeeK

    Thanks for posting, Bristol. Go Todd!

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