Girl Sues her Parents to Stop Forced Abortion

Girl Sues her Parents to Stop Forced Abortion February 21, 2013

I can’t believe this. This is nuts.

A sixteen-year old girl in Texas actually has to sue her parents to stop them from making her get an abortion.

The lawsuit claims R.E.K.’s parents kept her home from school, took her phone and car and that she, the father of her child and the child’s paternal grandmother have been harassed by her father. It also claims R.E.K.’s mother suggested she was going to slip her daughter the abortion pill.

R.E.K is being represented by attorney for the Texas Center for Defense of Life.

“…She is legally protected. They cannot drag her to get an abortion, force an abortion on our client,” attorney Stephen Casey told Click2Houston.

I can’t even believe this is happening. My prayers are with this girl and with her family, too.

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  • Sue Lynn

    Thanks Bristol…we live in evil time but God wins in the end.

  • Emily

    I’m so sad and heart broken about this story!!!! I cant believe there are people in this world that would do something like this!!!!!

  • And what shocks me most, Bristol, is that this tragedy is happening in my home state. Texas. It’s very disheartening, but we must remember that Love is Lord of All, and in the end, Love will conquer.

    I’m so glad that this mother was spared from having to watch her own parents kill her child.

  • How much attention would this story have gotten if she were suing her parents to let her have the abortion?

  • jessica

    I have read about this story before. It sounds like this girl’s plan is to have the baby and marry the child’s father, who is also 16. The end result will very likely be the taxpayers of Texas in some way (Welfare, Medicaid, ect.) supporting this child. The girl has every right to have her baby if she and the father are prepared to provide for ALL of his/her needs. She and the father will need to be able to do this even if neither of their families choose to help. If they can’t do this then they should be forced to give the child to a family who can. Nobody has a right to bring a child into this world and then make them a burden on the taxpayer. Regarding this lawsuit, the girl is suing her parents for taking away her cell phone and car? Really? Guess what REK, your parents don’t have to provide you with either one of those things. If you are mature enough to have a child than you should already know this. This baby will likely be coming into the world. I hope that he/she will not be supported by the people of Texas but I am not optimistic.

    • Carol

      Forced to give their child to someone else unless they have enough money to support the baby? Although I don’t like welfare, removing a child from his/her parents just because the parents don’t have money is a violation of human rights and can lead to all sorts of crazy evil. How much must one make to be allowed to have children? Who gets to have the children if the parents are deemed to poor? What if a family falls on hard times? Up to what age can children be removed from their family? How long is a parent allowed to be unemployed or ill? Is being poor the same as abuse? Instead of stealing children, it might be better to reevaluate who receives welfare.

  • Linny Taylor

    Bristol you are such a role model for young people. Your haters will never be able to fathom that because of their own insecurities, unhappiness, and political biases. You spent your adolescence in the local spotlight yet remained above many of her peers in terms of maturity and self-respect. You’ve never claimed you’re perfect or made good decisions all the time. You admitted you should have heeded your parents lessons and strict rules that would have made life easier and more “conventional,” instead choosing to pursue your short-sighted teenage wants. Your ex-boyfriend also spoke of your constant comments regarding your parents wishes. Despite having said ex-boyfriend who matured much more slowly and failed to make responsible, fatherly decisions until your son reached age 3, you probably still had hope he’d eventually come around. Until then he wasn’t trustworthy. Understandable for a first time mother and overly protective parent to feel. Would any of you, readers, trust a boy who trashed your family and was manipulated by the media to exaggerate and distort inane things? It’s mind-boggling how there are people who supported him in his most immature hour. Mentally balanced people recognized this was a boy who had no stable forces in his life, who had no one of substance guiding him. And it’s all the more proven when his sibling made equally irresponsible, MORE immature decisions and told bigger, easily proven lies. But, in the end, their lies were just more manipulative contradictions that cancelled each other out. In the end, none of these people are to be judged for any actions. Because eventually, things even out. Boy matures, and his sister learns how to create an honest life for herself. Eventually, boy starts using his brain and hopefully thinks, “Gee, my life up to this point is not what I want my son to view as Good. Posing naked is not respectable and trashing half my son, eventually provoking my ex to retaliate is not what I should have done. Now I am going to do what I should have done 4 years ago: Complete my education after mentally dropping out in 10th grade and getting a legitimately earned job. I regret hiring 2 malicious ghostwriters who used my name to pen a fictional, vindictive book consisting of things I’ve never even heard of, quotes from people I’ve never met, and times when I didn’t even know certain people; I regret meeting these 2 people who technically made me a liar. I need to apologize for all the nasty liberals fabricating my life, trashing half my son on my facebook page, and fictionalizing my relationships for their selfish political gain. I DID already defend Bristol in minor ways against the people who don’t know her yet were concocting absurd stories. However, I have called my ex catty things which caused her, a woman who’s worked respectfully to provide for our son since his birth, to meet a breaking point and lose the little bit of trust she had for me.”
    “Not Afraid of Life” consists of tales of childhood happiness, conflict with the outside world, heartbreak, bitterness resulting from poor dating choices, dealing with a biased, unfair, manipulative media personalities, and typical life questions one would ask while growing up. It is a tale we’ve all lived in one way or another. What could be described as a main point in this book is that the easy path is not the memorable one or the best one, nor is it the natural one for most people. Ignoring natural impulses breeds regret. Instead of worrying about what might have been had parental lessons been listened to, Bristol chooses to move forward, living day to day, something those twice her age still can’t comprehend. She publicly pronounced that she’s an imperfect person like the rest of us who’s learning everyday, and unfailingly able to not turn back to yesterday and get mired down in things that do not matter. She remembers her family and how they’ve never failed her, how they’ve always been there to provide support when the heart dominates the mind and rules aren’t followed. She accepts responsibility, remains down to earth, takes immature attacks with grace (something I DOUBT her detractors could do) and is raising a mature, loving little protector who clearly has had no shortage of love and normalcy in his first 4 years of life. What more could a parent want but a son who is adaptable, likable, funny, and a bundle of energy and love? And after all of it, her son has an eternal best friend in his uncle Trig. That path is only achieved with such grace by a person who was raised to value family, faith, and LIFE.

    • jessica

      “Tashing half my son”????? Are you forgetting that Bristol very publicly, through her book, told the world that “half her son” if a rapist? I know, she didn’t use those words but she did clearly describe Date Rape. While only Bristol, Levi, anId God know what really happened, I personally believe there is a 0-5% percent chance that this story is true. Even it is true, someone that loves their child doesn’t go tell the world that he is the child of a rapist. One day Tripp will understand that his mother thinks he is the child of a rapist. If Bristol doesn’t think that this will effect her son than she is truly ignorant. As a social worker I have worked with adults who were adopted at birth and raised in loving homes. When they find out bad things about their birth parents they still struggle with it because they view this as their roots their gene pool. I will give Bristol the benefit of the doubt and chalk this up to immaturity. I just hope that she grows up and realizes that what is right for her son is more important than sticking it to her ex

  • Oh drama bomb.

    Let’s refocus the topic on the girl in Texas, ya’ll, instead of lecturing people we hardly know. I haven’t even read Bristol’s book. I just saw that she had a blog post about a pro-life issue, and so I came.

    Peace of Christ,

  • Joseph

    I don’t blame the 16 year old girl! That is totally unacceptable for her parents to force her to have an abortion! My prayers go out to her and her family, too!

  • Frederick Lang

    It should be noted that the child of any pregnacy is innocent for whatever the reasons that brought him/her into existance. Does that child deserve to be punished with death for our less than ideal sexual behavior. I have yet to hear of a truly “unwanted child” in this world today. There are millions of couples who want a child but are unable to have them and I’m sure this is enough money somewhere in the world that will be found to help support that child. There is certainly enough love, to where that child will never go lacking. This 16 year old girl seems to have plenty of love for her unborn child and nothing on earth will deter her from bringing that innocent child into the world.

    • melory

      Well said.

  • daryl

    This girl’s mother and father are idiots.

  • sarah

    But when she has the baby let’s get the candies foundation to constantly remind her that she shouldn’t have become a teen parent….hypocrisy. I guess you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t!

  • Carol Cantell Moorby

    As Christians we have to remember that we are NOT fighting flesh and blood but principalities and powers of darkness!!!!! God knows everyone before they are in their mothers womb so that proves that in the spirit life begins BEFORE conception…..The word of God will reveal all truth , while science is toally of man. And full of error. …There are no such things as unwanted babies..Somewhere someone will want that baby!!, There are only unwanting parents. For satan has blinded the eyes and deafened the ears of many who do not know The Lord personally. It’s up to us to preach the gospel and disciple the unbelievers. There is such wisdom in the Palin family…those who ridicule them are jealous . Secular humanism is a very dangerous religion.Religion is a belief in ” something” . Their belief is in ” nothing”. Religion is also mans ideas how to reach God. Born-again is Gods way to reach man through a personal relationship and through the Bible.amen,