A Hug at the End of a Looong Race — Five Iron Dog 2013 Photos!

As promised, here are some awesome photos by Birch Leaf Photography, taken in Fairbanks at the end of the 2013 Iron Dog.  (Yes, it was as cold as it looks!)  I love the last two photos of Mom and Dad at the finish line!  Enjoy!

See next photo HERE!

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  • Thomas

    A Hug can mean so much to us at anytime in our lifes!

  • Georgia

    All the photos are wonderful. You “ALL” look beautiful, happy and healthy. I must admit the two of your parents were especially wonderful.

  • David

    Thanks for sharing all of your Great Photos, Bristol.
    I am amazed at how Tough you Alaskans are.

  • Jon Hall

    Great photos thanks for sharing them, Thank you to your hole family for being so inspirational !

  • CJ



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  • melory

    In the first picture I see Bris, Willow and Tripp, who is the other girl? She looks like a young Mama Palin. But too mature to be Piper, who is she?

  • http://FB Cricket Nichols

    The Palin family is beautiful on the inside and on the outside.

  • melory

    Bris, I think your mom will get a kick out of this! (Warning to libs: you click on the link at your own risk..)


  • Joe W.

    These are all great images. I especially like capturing the checkered flag in image #2.
    Thanks for sharing with us.