A Hug at the End of a Looong Race — Five Iron Dog 2013 Photos!


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  • Thomas

    A Hug can mean so much to us at anytime in our lifes!

  • Georgia

    All the photos are wonderful. You “ALL” look beautiful, happy and healthy. I must admit the two of your parents were especially wonderful.

  • David

    Thanks for sharing all of your Great Photos, Bristol.
    I am amazed at how Tough you Alaskans are.

  • Jon Hall

    Great photos thanks for sharing them, Thank you to your hole family for being so inspirational !

  • CJ



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  • melory

    In the first picture I see Bris, Willow and Tripp, who is the other girl? She looks like a young Mama Palin. But too mature to be Piper, who is she?

  • http://FB Cricket Nichols

    The Palin family is beautiful on the inside and on the outside.

  • melory

    Bris, I think your mom will get a kick out of this! (Warning to libs: you click on the link at your own risk..)


  • Joe W.

    These are all great images. I especially like capturing the checkered flag in image #2.
    Thanks for sharing with us.