Seriously, Washington Post?

Needless to say, my mom is not joining Al-Jazeera. Nathaniel Botwinick over on NRO reports:

Suzi Parker at the Washington Post fell for a satirical article on Sarah Palin joining Al-Jazeera this morning:

The Sarah Palin Story is a cautionary tale about what can happen when politics and celebrity meet.

Fox News and their once-upon-a-time darling Palin recently parted ways after three years. But never fear. Palin has a new media outlet by which to share her commentary.

Late last week Al Jazeera America announced the former vice-presidential candidate would be joining their news network.

Read Parker’s article here, which has since been corrected.  However, the writer is still getting a lot of attention for the flub on Twitter.

In fact, thanks to people like Michelle Malkin, #SuziParkerScoops is now trending:

For those who needed more convincing that the lamestream media will run with anything that makes my family look bad, here’s the millionth example.

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  • Thomas Hubbard

    If you want to get some good straight forward news on the middle east got to UCI.

  • Fern Rivers

    Al Jazeera is one of Obama’s favorite channel…I think it would great if Sarah would work for them….she would create a real frenzy…The WP and the entire NBC channel would be non stop complains…Hey why not? Tell your Mom that Yes…we, Conservatives, certainly need a New TV channel to bring in a few true newsworthy events…I laugh at the Suzy cue Parker….she was already gloating…Tell your Mom that she should check into it…and then she could go against Dear Ms Couric…I know it would be just as powerful as going to NBC or CNN…It would be a riot…LoL Love…