Well, This Happened – A WaPo Columnist Agrees with Me!

Well, This Happened – A WaPo Columnist Agrees with Me! August 15, 2015

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Well, this never happens.

Recently, I wrote this about the whole “Trump is beyond the line of decency nonsense:”

It’s official. I used to use this blog to point out how liberals use the “outrage industry” to manipulate people and keep their power. Now Republicans are just as bad.

Which cased WaPo writer Alexandra Petri to say Bristol Palin is Right about Trumped Up Outrage:

Witness Erick Erickson, trying his darnedest to call Donald Trump out for being sexist.

You remember Erick Erickson. Good old “Men Should Dominate Women Because Nature” Erick Erickson. If you don’t, Bristol Palin does.

“By now,” she writes, “you’ve undoubtedly heard that there’s a guy named Erick Erickson, of RedState, who disinvited Donald Trump from a gathering  of conservatives because, as he put it, “there are even lines blunt talkers and unprofessional politicians should not cross. Decency is one of those lines.”

Want to learn some “lessons in sexual and political decency” from Erickson?  Here are three:

1.  Erickson’s RedState once used a demeaning fake photo (wearing a revealing shirt with Santa Claus) of my Mom for an attack article on her.  Erickson refused to take it down even after he was made aware that it was photoshopped.

2.  He once called Supreme Court justice David Souter “the only goat [bleeping (bleep mine, not Bristol’s)] child molester to ever serve on the Supreme Court.”

3.  And there’s this [Erickson tweet]: “How awesome is Fox for letting Trump come on and bash Rosie!! Awesome.”


Bristol went on to complain about the fact that the question was asked at all, complaining that conservatives were falling victim to the same “politics of outrage.”

I don’t endorse everything Donald Trump says or does … Mainly because I actually have to work for a living and I don’t pay as much attention to politics as professional pundits.  But I know that I hate the “politics of outrage” that people engage in.

Give me a break.

We only have so many opportunities to hear from the fifty million candidates who are apparently running for President.  And we get the Fox moderators asking questions that the New York Times applauds?  Please.  Let’s don’t use the Democratic “war on women” talking points when we have ISIS to worry about.

Whether or not we agree about the validity of the question, Bristol Palin’s got a point. This is not a winning strategy, and if you don’t grasp why, it’s because you misunderstand the whole reason the “outrage industry” works.

Well, this rarely happens.  Thanks, Alexandra!

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