The Washington Post Freaks Out that People Read this Blog

The Washington Post Freaks Out that People Read this Blog June 17, 2015

It seems it was a big deal that I poked fun of Miley Cyrus’ interview with Paper Magazine.  Apparently, calling out those who claim to be tolerant when they are actually being condescending and contradictory is breaking news.  I admit I was pleasantly surprised at how viral my post went!

But the most hilarious article covering the so-called “Bristol versus Miley” thing was written by the Washington Post’s Jessica Contrera.  You won’t believe her take:

Here’s one way to get the world’s attention: Pose naked for a magazine.

It worked for Demi Moore, it worked for Kim Kardashian, and now, even though it seems we’ve seen all of her already, it’s working for Disney-teenybopper-turned-offensive-icon Miley Cyrus. As you’ve probably heard or viewed by now, Paper magazine photographed a nude Cyrus covered in neon paint and some sort of mud substance. Her most covered photo features her body wrapped around a pig —  a.k.a. so not-safe-for-work we won’t be linking to them here.

Here’s another way to get the world’s attention: Go on a rant about Miley on your ultra-Christian blog.

She went on to write:

In the pre-Internet days, Palin would have needed to be a guest on a talk show or the subject of an interview for her anti-Miley message to reach anyone… But this is 2015, where celebrities don’t need media middlemen or nudity to start trending on Facebook. Heck, they don’t even need a whole blog post. If Cyrus tweets back a response, it won’t go unwritten about.

This is America: Palin is entitled to her opinion and Miley is entitled to bare all.

The rest of us are entitled to… try to avoid hearing all about it. Good luck with that.

Um…  so let’s just get this straight.  This writer writes an article lamenting the fact that… other writers are covering the same topic? She apparently thinks it’s absolutely absurd that so many publications are talking about the so-called “Bristol versus Miley” thing that she just had to add join in with her feelings about the “Bristol versus Miley” thing?

Here’s the real truth.  The Washington Post is lamenting that there are no gatekeepers anymore.  With the advents of social media and blogs — even the icky “ultra Christians ones” like this Patheos one! — newspapers are no longer the arbiters of the cultural conversation.

Deal with it, Washington Post!

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