Mom at CPAC Makes Liberals Go “Gulp!”

Guns.  America.  A “big gulp.”  Pure Mom.

  • Trisha

    Love love love!!!!

  • Joe W.

    An “American Treasure”

  • LetsThink

    I don’t quite think the “gulp” you refer to is the same “gulp” liberals are making. They would love nothing more than for Sarah to stop pretending and actually try to be a leader instead of a cheerleader. Sadly she is not even wanted among the republican base as a leader. They like her on the sidelines cheering them on with her folksy jokes, stripper heels and new “rack”. If only she would try it would make the liberals so happy. Right now she gets to be the butt of their jokes because all she does is talk. Come on Sarah, walk the walk….

  • LetsThink

    Dead last in the CPAC straw poll

    • tinytwotoned

      You won’t last long here with truth telling like that.

  • Misty

    It was a great speech by Sarah! Loved the dig at the whole Nanny Bloomberg and obsession over a water bottle with Rubio! She’s smart and funny…just what Liberals aren’t!
    Sarah is one of the best pundits out there and she really knows how to build a great coalition of politicians. Can’t wait for 2014 and who she finds next!

  • jessica

    If I had to put a label on myself if would be a fiscally conservative democrat. My life motto is, live and let live but be prepared to pay for it yourself! I think a ban on soda is ridiculous. But it does irk me that, since most of us are putting money into the same “pot” for our health insurance, the people who live unhealthily aren’t paying for it by themselves. You want to drink 50 Big Gulps a day? Fine, but don’t use the health insurance that we all pay into to pay for your diabetes and your weight problems. You want to smoke? You want to drive without your seatbelt? All fine so long as you pay for your cancer, heart problems, and getting your face sown back together yourself rather than using the Blue Cross/Blue Shield that we all pay into. I have $150 taken out of my paycheck every month for my health insurance, just like to guy who smokes and drinks Big Gulps. Other than preventative care I have gone to the doctor 2 times-once for Posion Ivy, in the last 2 years. Statistically, the Big Gulp drinker likely can’t say the same. At least my company has a program where, if you are healthy and don’t smoke, you get a discount on your health insurance. I think that this is the answer rather than government intervention.

  • michele
  • dodie volo

    thank you Sarah…love you!!!

  • Tina Sweet

    You’re mom is awesome! She is our Iron Lady Thatcher!

  • Steve Mathisen

    And she told the rack joke with a straight face. :)