Mom at CPAC Makes Liberals Go “Gulp!”

Guns.  America.  A “big gulp.”  Pure Mom.

  • Christine

    Gotta LOVE Sarah!!

  • Kim A

    Excellent public speaker. She wows them all the time and I really liked that Big Gulp prop!!!!

  • David

    Bristol, I like your Moms speech so much – I have watched it 3 times already.

  • Kristin Corsi

    See that Bloomberg? Soda is not the enemy. Sitting on your duff is.

  • Keith Sparbanie

    #SarahPalinDoes represent the folks. #SarahPalinDoes defend the Constitution. #SarahPalinDoes fight cronyism. #SarahPalinDoes speak THE TRUTH. #SarahPalinDoes deserve to be POTUS. #SarahPalinDoes influence more voters than TokyoRove. #SarahPalinDoes more good for American than Barry or Hillary ever will. #SarahPalinDoes make it cool to be a PATRIOT. #SarahPalinDoes does speak for We The People. #SarahPalinDoes and does and does and does…

  • Tootie

    She was magnificent. No surprise for me. Even my husband, who is not a Christian, had a smirk on his face when she was drinking from th big cup. I do love her.

  • Tootie

    I loved the expression on her face when she was drinking from the big cup. Even my husband, who is not a Christian, had to grin. Your mom is magnificent. I love her.

  • mlynn

    Liberals and RINOs bashed her as stupid maybe because she dose not have an Ivy League school’s diploma or certificate. However she is a very wise person who speaks commonsense and truth. Anyone can learned to be knowledge or smart but wisdom is bestow only by God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob or king David. The Living God not gods who’s remain are still in their graves today. God bless you Sarah and God bless USA!

  • Jose

    She’s the best!

  • Thotocv

    Why Sarah Palin hates the media so much : She can’t control the message. Here is a perfect example how they rightly rip apart her message and show the irony between what she is spewing and what she is a actually doing. Enjoy.