Mom at CPAC Makes Liberals Go “Gulp!”

Guns.  America.  A “big gulp.”  Pure Mom.

  • Shaunika Dearman

    Hey Bristol,
    I love watching your family! You guys are great examples to the nation. I know that many people don’t see it that way, but they’re wrong…so who cares?! Your mom is one of my heroes! Love this speech! Hey, wondering if you could do a favor for a conservative California citizen, just trying to make a difference. There’s a guy here in CA that has organized a march, the California Liberty March, a call-to-action protest in defense of our civil rights, specifically the right to keep and bear arms. But since we’re in California, the media isn’t covering ANY OF IT. He started today in Southern California with a big rally and will end it in Sacramento on June 1st. Any chance you could give him a shout out on your fb page or blog? Here’s the link to his website: