Great Idea: Dolls for Downs

This is fantastic. A mom in Pennsylvania, Connie Feda, makes some lovely and loving dolls for kids with Downs Syndrome. Here’s the story about the inspiration that came from her daughter from Today:

Born with Down syndrome, Hannah wanted a toy companion with almond-shaped eyes like hers and a zipper-like scar on her chest, just like the one she has after an operation to mend three holes in her heart.

“There’s no doll that looks like me and none of them have surgery,” she complained to her mother.

So Connie Feda searched for a doll with Down syndrome features, only to discover she didn’t like what she found.

“I think Hannah is a beautiful little thing,” Feda, a mother of six, told TODAY Moms.

“I see a sparkle in her eye and I see a lot of imp, and I didn’t see that in those dolls. I saw a very detailed, stereotypical perhaps, medical diagnosis stamped in plastic.”

A business idea was born: why not create a whole new set of dolls for kids just like Hannah?

These dolls are precious friends for precious children. And the sweetest thing? They are even available with the scar from the heart surgery that so many DS kids need to have.  Check out the whole story here. 

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  • Joseph

    I love it; very neat story! Very cute dolls, too!

  • http://Facebook sylvia burleson

    Connie Feda is one wonderful mother!

  • Bree Merr

    A beautiful idea and happy that it has produced these cute dolls. I hope it will be a big success but more important brings joy to the kids.

  • MiddleRoader

    The dolls are very cute. However, it’s not a new idea. Hest of Europe has been making similar dolls for several years:
    It’s not without controversy, though, as this article shows:
    For folks interested in dolls with other disabilites, here a few sites to explore:

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      Sarah Palin has never attended one of those White House correspondent’s dinners you lying troll. But her recent description of them being “Nerd Proms”, consisting of nothing but silly pomp with low-information vacuous show-biz types while the country still struggles with the effects of Obama’s disastrous and incompetent “leadership”, is entirely apt.

      • TrueBlue

        Actually, she attended the Vanity Fair and MSNBC (!!) WHCD after parties in 2011. Bristol and her dad have also attended past WHCD after parties. Palin’s just jealous that she’s no longer on the invite list, or else she would have attended and her tweet would have been much different. Hell, even her BFF Greta Van Susteren felt compelled to do damage control after Palin’s crude, green-eyed-monster tweet:

        • otlset

          You assume too much about the tone of her tweets, or even if she would have gone this year to that conclave of preening fools, based on nothing more than your spiteful imagination. Even Tom Brokaw has gotten fed up with the silliness and poor optics of it all, connecting the administration with airheads like Lohan and Kardashian.

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            If Tom Brokaw connects this administration with the likes of Lohan and Kardashian, then where was he when the iconic photo of Mrs. Reagan sitting on Mr. T’s lap was taken?! Presidents aren’t allowed to make friends of celebs? Why not? Celebs are voting citizens, no? And since the WHCD is actually an event focused on raising scholarship funds, then better to invite celebs with deep pockets!

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        • Bree Merr
          • TrueBlue

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      • MiddleRoader

        While I don’t think this is the proper place to be talking about this, I can’t help but defend Ishmael. He did not say Sarah P. attended the dinner and is so he’s not a “lying troll”. However, Sarah was scheduled to attend in 2009 but cancelled due to emergency flooding in Alaska. Todd attended in her place. In 2011, Bristol attended the dinner while Sarah gave a speech at an anti-abortion event. She and Todd attended the Vanity Fair after-party. She, Todd, and Bristol attended an MSNBC after-party, and a pre-party brunch benefitting epilepsy research and the Miss America Foundation. Sarah said she attended the latter because special needs are “near and dear” to her heart. It should be noted that similar events benefitted the same cause this year. If Sarah has changed her mind on the WHCD, as Tom Brokaw did, that’s fine, but she needs to explain why. Otherwise it looks like sour grapes that she didn’t get invited. Her Facebook post, and especially her tweet, come off as hypocritical, snarky, an in poor taste.

        • otlset

          You are wrong, Ishamael plainly said in the referenced post: “…even though she loved attending in 2011?”

          And your post is only your opinion, a skewed one at that. I think Sarah Palin hit home righteously with her slam of the entire starstruck event, both posting and tweeting. In the context of the country’s current economic woes, such an event with such conceited and puffed-up attendees full of chimeric fluff is almost outrageous. Yes I know it has recently turned into a ‘tradition’, but again the optics of it set against the backdrop of so many suffering and out of work is what is jarring. Obama is nothing but a media-manufactured image, and Hollywood the specialists in image-making — all of it phony, yet dangerously influential, especially to low-information voters like the majority who voted the phony in office and likely believe what they see in the movies is true accordingly. Obama and his minions know this, that’s why they cultivate the Hollywood connection and support.

          • MiddleRoader

            My bad. I read Ishmael’s post too quickly; he didn’t get the facts exactly right. As I stated in my comment, Sarah did NOT attend the actual WHCD in 2011, but Bristol did. And of course, you are right that my comment on her tweet is only my opinion, as yours is only your opinion. But the economy and unemployment in 2009, when she was scheduled to attend, were worse then than now. And her remarks did not seem directed to the Hollywood set; it was aimed more at the DC “permanent political class”. You can argue that certain news outlets lean left or right, but I think comparing newspeople to the rest of the country who work their butts off is unfair. Many of them do news shows every day; they pursue stories and research topics. They attend press conferences and chase down Congressmen; they make decisions on source credibility. I don’t think it’s easy work, and if you make a mistake, it’s very public. You may not like what they do, and some do it better than others, but most of them do work hard at it.

          • otlset

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            It’s a run-on sentence up there all right, but yep, we’d be in much better shape now, much much better shape instead of current Obama’s slow grind of an economy, SIX trillion more in debt with downgraded credit (and little to show for it), and loss of prestige and respect and increased danger across the globe we’re suffering from now

          • TrueBlue

            Otlset, your glowing reverie of a Palin-run America is almost childlike in its insistence. Who are we to wake you up? Sweet dreams…

          • otlset

            Yes indeed TrueBlue, who are you to wake me up from a glorious dream of our country’s great possibilities (and missed opportunities) — into the waking reality of the nightmare of Obama’s inept (or is it treacherous) ruining of our once great country?

        • Jack

          Sarah Palin never attended the WPCD dinner. She was invited (2011) , but she didn’t attend because she chose to spend her time with a pro life gathering.

          Her tweet was bout the permanent political class members — and the reporters who are supposed to keep them accountable.

          By the way,, Sarah Palin is not the only one who is criticizing the WPCD.

          NYT Reporter Rips DC Journalist ‘Celebrity Class’ in ‘Bubble World’

          National Journal: DC Never More Out of Touch than During White House Correspondents Dinner

          Brokaw Rips White House Correspondents Dinner: ‘We’re Versailles’

          How Sarah Palin Is Right About Washington

      • Ishamael

        Trueblue DESTROYED you otlset….I almost feel sorry.

        • otlset

          Extra, Extra…famous head-up-her-rear and MSNBC go-to liberal Margaret Carlson forgets to drink morning Kool-Aid, writes opinion piece backing Sarah Palin’s slam of the Obama-Hollywood lovefest! Extra, Extra, read all about it…

          • Ishamael

            From the article “For many years, I wanted so badly to be invited to the dinner”. Sounds like dear Margaret and dear Sarah have a lot in common.

          • TrueBlue

            What?! Carlson ragged on the guys from Duck Dynasty for being in attendance! My conservative AND liberal friends alike love that show! I would have given you, otlset, a point for linking this article, but after she trashed my Duck Dynasty guys, I’m inclined to side with Ishamael and his calling sour grapes. Who doesn’t like Duck Dynasty?! :)

        • melory

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    • melory

      Liberals complaining about hypocrisy, how ironic!

  • jerry william

    GOD bless for helping he is a wonderful GOD bless you

  • Terri Lynn Rasmussen

    Great and inspiring story. May God bless her.

  • millie

    I do so want to sign the petition that was sent to me by e-mail about your mother for senator. I also won’t to send a contribution but the form will not go through without me using a credit card. I don’t use credit cards online. Is there some way I can sign a petition and send a check? I would really like to see your mother in the U.S. Senate.

    • MiddleRoader

      While I personally don’t think Sarah Palin is interested in running for Senator, this is the link to sign the petition:
      From snooping around on Google, the address and phone nr. for the group sponsoring the petition appear to be:
      The Tea Party Leadership Fund
      209 Pennsylvania Avenue Se Suite 2109
      Washington, District Of Columbia 20003
      202-210-5431 (Dan Backer, DBCapitolStrategies)
      (If it’s not the exact right phone nr, I’m sure they can direct you to the correct one.)
      Or you can donate directly to SarahPac ( There’s a contact button you can click on and ask where to send a check.
      Hope this helps.

  • michael

    Great story
    God bless the children
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