Me? Star Struck?

Mom and Dad met Willie from Duck Dynasty at the NRA conference and accused us kids of finally being impressed.

I have to admit, I love that Duck Dynasty has taken off like it has!

Who are your favorite guys on the show?

And, more importantly, should Dad grow a beard like that???

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What Are Your Thoughts?leave a comment
  • Good show but no never let your dad cover up his handsome face with a beard ever!!!!

  • No beard for Todd!

  • Bristol- I think it’s awesome what you and your family do! Jase is my favorite! Phil is great too! Your dad definitely shouldn’t grow a beard!

  • Beard may keep him warmer on those winter runs…..but then shave it.
    I too LOVE Duck Dynasty. It’s the most functional family on television.

  • JoAnn Walldren

    I enjoy all of them but Si comes up with some really unusual stuff. I still laugh at his well groomed hunting dog!

  • conservativemama

    Love Jase. His commentary is the best. And of course, Uncle Si. No beard for Todd. Way too cute to cover.

  • Grace

    Your day’s too handsome to cover up with a beard! That would be interesting though haha

    • Guest

      Dad’s* grr

  • Firelight

    My favorite is Jase. I totally get his sense of humor. I vote a BIG no on the beard for your dad!

  • keith bacon

    Girl i clicked on this to see your pretty face being star struck , Dont tease like that

  • Love Jase’s sarchasim! No never let your Dad cover his face like that. He is way too handsome!

    • cant_believe_it

      “sarchaism”, yes? Basic English grammar? Basic spelling? No?
      Obviously too much to ask from a Palin follower, they aren’t so much into education…..

  • otlset

    Anyone ever really try to get your ducks in a row? It’s not easy, but using duck tape is said to help.

  • So happy to know that there are more Christians on t.v. Although they are being harassed about the prayers that they share. The liberal anti-Christ spirits are out to ruin them but God is greater. “Let the redeemed of The Lord say so” and ” I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ”These . Are the two scriptures we stand on! Blessings to the family…..

  • Sunny

    Your parents are both so good looking they don’t need to mess with perfection!
    Love the pictures of the boys.

  • ishy

    Your mother looks like she would fit in really well on this show. Shame her stab at reality stardom failed so miserably. BTW who carries around a plastic bag with what appears to be prescription medication at an event like this?

    • otlset

      Looks to me like a small tube of anti-bacterial ointment, and a small bottle of DEET mosquito repellant, and one other small item likely available over the counter. She may have been carrying it for someone else too, or they may have been empty bottles re-filled with hand lotion, vitamins, and sunscreen…as long as we’re speculating here.

      • ishy

        Maybe so…but her eyes look really odd in this picture…almost like she’s on something.

        • Lori

          Looks like she received some duck calls from Willie!

  • Appreciate the heads up Bristol I plan on checking it out. You shouldn’t make such a big deal of Duck Dynasty people will call you hillbilly…again.

  • RushLpig

    Your’e mother looks demented in this pic! Time for another exorcism!




    if you want you can play with my beard anytime

  • Bristol

    your mom is looking more and more like a retired porn start every day

  • Kyle

    Your mom is really hot int his picture. I would F#&@ her

  • Lupe Beam

    No is the answer to your dad growing a beard. He’s very handsome and that would only hide all that

  • Lupe Beam

    not saying that the beard doesn’t look good on Willie or the others. I’m sure they’re all better looking without them……….just saying