Me? Star Struck?

Mom and Dad met Willie from Duck Dynasty at the NRA conference and accused us kids of finally being impressed.

I have to admit, I love that Duck Dynasty has taken off like it has!

Who are your favorite guys on the show?

And, more importantly, should Dad grow a beard like that???

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  • Sue Lynn

    Good show but no never let your dad cover up his handsome face with a beard ever!!!!

  • Rob Hart

    No beard for Todd!

  • Jamie Shoemaker

    Bristol- I think it’s awesome what you and your family do! Jase is my favorite! Phil is great too! Your dad definitely shouldn’t grow a beard!

  • Mieke Jacobs

    Beard may keep him warmer on those winter runs…..but then shave it.
    I too LOVE Duck Dynasty. It’s the most functional family on television.

  • JoAnn Walldren

    I enjoy all of them but Si comes up with some really unusual stuff. I still laugh at his well groomed hunting dog!

  • conservativemama

    Love Jase. His commentary is the best. And of course, Uncle Si. No beard for Todd. Way too cute to cover.

  • Grace

    Your day’s too handsome to cover up with a beard! That would be interesting though haha

    • Guest

      Dad’s* grr

  • Firelight

    My favorite is Jase. I totally get his sense of humor. I vote a BIG no on the beard for your dad!

  • Sherri Dennis

    Love Jase’s sarchasim! No never let your Dad cover his face like that. He is way too handsome!

    • cant_believe_it

      “sarchaism”, yes? Basic English grammar? Basic spelling? No?
      Obviously too much to ask from a Palin follower, they aren’t so much into education…..

  • otlset

    Anyone ever really try to get your ducks in a row? It’s not easy, but using duck tape is said to help.