This Duck Dynasty “Sermon” Nails It!

I saw this on my friend’s site, and had to let you guys see it.  You know that I’m a Duck Dynasty fan.  But after watching Phil Robertson’s sermon, I love those guys even more!

Check this out and pass the collection plate:

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  • Jeff

    How much has his family contributed to adoption services and orphanages? I assumed they have adopted many unwanted children.

    • Mick Hitchcock

      I have heard this lame argument when standing at an abortion mill. I wasnt the one who got somebody pregnant. I dont bear the responsibility for their decisions. My duty is to represent to baby murderers that what they are doing is wrong, is a sin and that their are other options they can take other than killing a baby. BUT I dont claim to bear their burden because a baby is just inconvenient for them.

      • Jeff

        So you don’t bear the responsibility for THEIR decisions?

        Yet you’re doing EXACTLY that.

  • Sue Lynn

    Awesome and the Lord is coming back to receive followers unto Himself and by the looks of things it can’t be far off!

    • Jeff

      I hope not Sue Lynn. Feel free to go ahead and go if you like.

  • Laurie

    I love their show, have been watching since the beginning. One of my favorite parts is the dinner gatherings at the end of each episode 🙂

  • Laurie

    No Jeff, they just don’t abort or send to adoption, their own kids.

  • Jeff

    Maybe some conservatives here can explain how “Shut up and Sing” works. If a liberal entertainer comments publicly the right says to shut up and just do your job entertaining us. But when conservatives do the same its ok? Seems pretty hypocritical to me. How does this work exactly?

  • Surly Curmudgen

    Phil Robertson my ideological twin brother. Say it loud and say it often brother.

  • Ethan Morse

    Phil is a strong supporter of the pro-life movement. Phil’s son
    Willie shows his love for children by being an adoptive father. Willie
    has a video clip posted on Youtube in which he speaks about the benefits
    of being an adoptive father. The video has over a quarter of a million views. I was personally touched by the fact that they chose to adopt a bi-racial son, Will. Recently Willie and his wife Korie took in an exchange student from Taiwan named Rebecca. They fell in love with her and Rebecca is now part of the Robertson family.

    KNOE 8 News reported
    on an event this August in Louisiana called, “Over the Edge for
    Adoption”. The event put on by the Louisiana Family Forum is an
    initiative to connect willing church families with foster children.
    Their goal is one hundred churches with 100 families who would open
    their homes and hearts to foster children. Willie Robertson spoke at the
    event, asking people to make the same choice his family made. Robertson said watching his son grow everyday is like a miracle. He told the crowd, “ Before you know all the fame and fortune was there we made the commitment to do it and it has really changed our lives and helped reshape at least one life in a kids life and any chance I get to promote that I am going to help out.”

    The Robertsons made their fortune by creating great duck hunting
    products. They’re using their fame to stand for life, promote adoption
    awareness and boldly share the benefits of abstinence. I’m grateful for
    this family and I pray they’ll continue to be a positive influence in
    our world.

  • Jennifer Johnson

    Amen and thank you for sharing it Bristol! I love you and your family so much! <3

  • David

    I am a Fan of Duck Dynasty, too.
    Thanks for sharing, Bristol.

  • Kristy Patullo

    Amen. He speaks the truth.

  • BRwoman

    Jeff, I am a foster parent. I foster mainly teens because they are the most in need of foster homes and besides, I don’t really have the energy for the younger ones. But yes, I can think of MANY couples who would give the world to have at least one of those ‘inconvenient’ babies, most more than one! But if the day ever comes that no one in the world wants a baby, is that still a reason to deny a innocent human being the most basic right to LIFE?