Commemorating the Government Shut Down

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  • David

    The Federal Government should be Shutdown until they Learn to Balance the Budget and actually Pass a Budget … something that they have Not done since Obama has been in office.

    • Jeff

      The republicans inherited a surplus and we see what they left us. Try again.

  • 1MiddleRoader

    I loved Palin’s snarky little comment on Cavuto that govt non-essential personnel should not be on the payroll. I can understand a lay person not understanding and frankly, it’s unfortunate terminology on the part of the govt. But Palin was governor- she should be familiar with the concept. Unlike most businesses, which have set hours, most govt offices have to have some sort of “skeleton crew” 24/7. The govt agency I worked for provides support to troops, etc. worldwide, so it needed to have several 24/7 “watch offices”. Those are manned by “essential personnel,” but the the non-essential personnel does work every bit as valuable; it’s just not that time-sensitive. Non-essential personnel can call in sick (with some restrictions). Essential personnel, if they’re sick on their scheduled work day, have to find an appropriate replacement. If not, the person who already worked their shift has to stay on duty until a replacement is found.
    Although Fox News doesn’t use these designations, Palin would be non-essential there, and by her own pronouncement, should not be paid.
    For example, if Palin is scheduled to be on a Hannity segment, and at the last minute she changes her mind, or the satellite connection is lost, it’s not that big of a deal. Hannity can let another guest talk a little longer, or fill the air time himself. But if Hannity gets sick at the last minute, it’s a much bigger deal- The network would be scrambling to find a substitute host, or they’d have to run a repeat program. So he would be essential personnel.
    So, with one glib little elitist statement, Sarah dissed many govt personnel who work hard, just not on weekends, nights , holidays. And, even those non-essential folks can be called in at all hours, if their particular language or skills are needed in a crisis situation. (I know, I’ve had to do it many times.)

    • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

      What does “Non-Essential” mean? Just that…No matter how important you think you are…”Non-Essential” means that the government can work and work very well without you…if you would try to run a company like the government does…how long do you think it would last.?…NO Tax Payers would help you unless, of course, you are one of the Obama’s Cronies…

      • 1MiddleRoader

        No, no no! Perhaps I did not explain it well. Essential really means essential in event of an emergency. Example: There was a huge snowstorm on the East Coast in 2009. Almost everything was closed for 2 days. But the government still has to perform essential functions. I knew the storm was coming, so I packed extra clothes and food and drove to work. I ended up staying there 2 nights. Now I didn’t work the whole time, b/c the other essential personnel came in also, so we worked the same shifts; we just didn’t leave the premises b/c we knew we’d never make it back. The non-essential personnel got a few days off work, like most of the rest of the area. Like most other workers in private business, they came back to backlogs of work.

    • otlset

      The fat has to be trimmed, or we’re all doomed.

    • Guest

      Well, SP did receive a “PAYCUT” to crawl back to the FOX NEWS.

  • 1MiddleRoader

    If there is a government shutdown….who will enter my child in a clinical trial?

  • Kristy Patullo

    Nice! Haha I also like the comment from the guy in
    the comment section who said, “my wife”. Hahaha Day 3 and the world hasn’t
    ended. Maybe now people will finally realize that the Govt. is not all that
    important. A smaller, smarter Govt. is what we need.