The President’s Kickstarter Campaign

I saw this last week, and thought you might get a “kick” out of it:

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  • otlset

    “Donate today and get a free case of Michelle Obama’s clear, clean and healthy ‘Obama Water’! The smart way to carry Obama’s water everywhere you go! (must donate before WWIII begins to qualify)”

  • dmac8889

    What I find to be the most ironic thing about this video, is that there truly are Liberals who think this way. They are so emotional that whatever side of the issue they come down on , they immediately go to the most extreme argument. Many Liberals do believe that Obama’s attacking Syria would take us to WWIII. So a Conservative (like myself) may look at this video as ho-hum funny, and kind of chuckle, the Liberal is laughing out loud at themselves, and tearing up at the same time, knowing they were seconds away from donating. You’ll know who you are if you need to compose yourself after the video.

  • Kristy Patullo

    So funny! And not far from the truth.