Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Photo by Baltimore Sun

October is more than pumpkins, candy, and scary costumes! It’s also Down Syndrome Awareness Month, so I thought I’d pass along some of the great articles being written about this topic!

Amy Julia Becker wrote about being annoyed when she saw a sign near her kids’ school that said ““Slow Down. Exceptional Children Live Here.” Was her daughter who has Down Syndrome simply “special” and not “exceptional?”  Read her thoughts here.

Lisa Morguess writes about how to talk to your kids’ classmates about your child with Down Syndrome.

Lastly, a kid at Verrado, High School, in Buckeye, Arizona made a video to go with a Katy Perry song that literally gives me chills!  Pick this one, Katy!

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  • indemind

    Bristol: I love the messages and content on this site….. Thank You!

  • Glorifiedlove

    I love seeing how much you all love Trig! I’ve worked with DS children. There really is something special about them. It’s so good for Trig to have your son to be best friends with too.

  • otlset

    OMG what a cutie!

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