The Difference Between Men and Boys

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  • Amen, Bristol. I could not agree with this more.

  • BeccaLeigh

    This reminds me of my brother. He’s engaged and will be married in 11 days. His fiancee unfortunately fell for a boy who acted as a sperm donor and not much else to my amazing 5 yr old niece. My brother met his soon-to-be wife when her daughter was still a baby and he is the only daddy she knows. After they’re officially married, then they can start the adoption process. This just made me realize that I’ve watched my brother grow from a boy to a man and I couldn’t be more proud!! Thanks for posting this!!

  • Jeff

    Once again Bristol airs her dirty laundry on the internet knowing someday her son will read it. Shame.

    • hibiscus72

      yeah, no kidding. it’s disgraceful.

      • BeccaLeigh

        what’s disgraceful is that y’all have nothing better to do with your lives than criticize someone else’s…..pathetic actually

        • Itarion

          Let’s keep the irony flowing.

          “what’s [pathetic] is that [you] have nothing better to do with your life that criticize someone else’s.”

          I mean, really. Your calling them out is precisely what you are calling them out for. Just tap the dislike button and move on. 4 others did.

    • $70129662

      Hi to my favorite low info voter! You know the least and you know it the loudest, go Jeff!

      Regarding your “insistence” that I provide a link, LOL, you must be blind or just ward of the state lazy, that is why you could not find the poll I posted. I guess you just look for a D next to the name when you vote in elections, no wonder our country is in such a mess. Cruz can put a D next to his name and you will vote for him.

      I provided the link with my initial post, the poll is next to the article. You are not called a low info voter for nothing, you have to be spoonfed and even then you can’t find your way to the truth. I see they have another poll up now.

      • Jeff

        No i found it and laughed at you for posting an ONLINE poll. You do realize you have no credibility don’t you? Neither does your party at this point.

        • $70129662

          You liberals live and die by mainstream media online polls, until you don’t agree with the results. LOL

          I have no party, you are the mind-numbed robot for the DemRats, I am an independent conservative, voting country first. I have been voting GOP just because at least they don’t support infanticide (like your president who voted for infanticide 4 times) and killing of babies in the womb.

          • Jeff

            Oh please, liberals have more than enough sense not to cite online polls. They are useless. And good for you…yes let’s not kill them in the womb let’s wait and send them to a foreign country to die. Usually for oil rights. Country first indeed.

          • $70129662

            I take it then you did not like the results of the CBS poll?

          • $70129662

            You cannot use the words liberals and sense in the same sentence.

            As to your stupid argument, babies are defenseless, soldiers are trained and skilled to defend themselves and they volunteer for service. Babies have not a say in the matter of their abortion. We have to protect the least among us, isn’t that what Obama used to say?

            Do you want me to start listing the oil Democrats?

        • James Meuleveld

          Hey Jeff, Are you on Bristol’s Blog because the Obama Care website was not working and and you just got home from using your EBT card at Walmart?

  • $3838536

    Great post, Bristol. We love you.

  • Kristy Patullo

    Sounds just like your Dad, Bristol. A real man.

  • hibiscus72

    and real women allow their son to see their dad and sister despite their anger and jealousy towards the man and his WIFE. immature girls rather use their son as a pawn.

    • Coretta Shelton

      I dont know about you but it is the parents job to protect the children , but when you see the damage that is done with letting parents who let children go to the other parents home and see the affections and perks that another person gets and yet are denied to your own child and someone else is calling the shots not the parent it is very hard letting them go to that enviorment, eventually the child does not want to go back there where they are no longer protected , and why should a child be the one who has to pursue a relationship with a parent who is no longer accepted by parent who is still absenttee. the new girlfriend has the reigns or purse and does not want or need to acknowledge his responsible for the well being of his child .

  • Mary

    What a great post Bristol! I am married 34 years to a real man! We blended two families and he was and is there for all our sons and their families! God gave me this man and a second chance at real love!

  • David

    Yeah. Good post, Bristol.

  • Ooops

    Does it mean that Bristol is a boy ? sounds like it !

  • ſ uoɹɐ∀ uosɹǝpu∀

    Amen B, it is nice you recognize ‘us’ fighting the good fight … in another life it may perhaps had been you and I … 😀

  • David Daniel Ball

    Happy birthday Bristol. This is for you and Alaska on your day ..

  • Thomas Cake

    Nice post Bristol. I married a woman with 3 little ones who was widowed. I always took crap from people who didn’t understand. Glad to see that you do 🙂

  • Kelvin Valle

    Happy Birthday day Bristol…First time I’ve read that boy-Man saying and I thought “wow” so so true…Thanks for sharing…

  • Ziada Mariela DeCarvajal

    Happy “Birthdays.” Enjoy your birthday celebration. I love the way you look with your little man in that picture. I admire your family for been such a strong representation of the real American families. God Bless you, your son, and your family.

  • JezabelleDisreali

    But what if I am happy shacking up with my man and not getting married until I feel like it? What if while he’s in grad school he needs a little looking after? Does that really make him less than a man? Images and ideas like these are so limiting.

  • Travis Bickle

    Agree with everything except the fact about Men raising someone else’s kids. Women should love and marry first and then sleep around. So that her man can take care of his own kids.

  • Jen

    I see much truth in this. Good post to share.