Tough As Nails, Full of Honor

Sometimes we forget that our soldiers are not just as tough as nails, they’re also full of heart and honor.

Check out this moving story.  A soldier survived a bomb which killed several of his friends. When awarded the purple heart for his service — a tradition before being flown to Germany for treatment — his commander came in and awarded him the purple heart.

Everyone in the room assumed he was unconscious, but he was actually giving every ounce of strength he had to salute.  Watch the video here.

Thank you, U.S. Army Ranger Cpl. Josh Hargis, for not just your service.  Thanks for reminding us what true courage looks like.

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  • heart of valor

  • HuntingMoose

    Happy happy birthday Bristol,
    may there be many many more years and postings from you to come!

  • William Acini

    es he is super person god bess him

  • Kristy Patullo

    Oh my gosh, that is so amazing. America salutes this honorable soldier. Praying for a full recovery.

  • Mary Duty


  • J VA

    Let this be a reminder of those who take that there are those who give so others may take. May God always bless our troops and their families and loved ones.

  • David

    Josh deserves our Respect and Admiration.
    I hope Josh’s recovery goes well so he can be with his wife and family.

  • Itarion

    Why is it that the “American Hero” is always severely wounded? Doesn’t that make you wonder if we, as a country, are doing something wrong?

    I would say that it is less courage than dedication. And some poor luck, being near a bomb that went off. I have the utmost respect for our soldiers, but I wish that we lived in a world where soldiers didn’t have to be used.

    • otlset

      Careful what you wish for, the soldier-drones are coming…

      • Itarion

        Did I say they were mindless? I did not think so. They have sworn the utmost loyalty to their government, and I respect them for that. The flip side of that is that I abhor what the United States government is doing with and to the members of the Armed Forces.

        • otlset

          Did I say you said they were mindless? I was just imagining into a future where remote-controlled machines might replace the current biological machines that sometimes get severely wounded when fighting.

          • Itarion

            My apologies, I misunderstood your intent.

            Also, that’s almost not the future anymore.

  • George Pankey

    Where do men, such as these come from? I joined the navy at the age of 17, right after the Vietnam. I’m forever greatfull that I didn’t have to go to war. But I served with Sailers and Marines that did. God bless them, God bless them all.

  • $70129662

    Leftists have tried, but they will never convince me to hate our soldiers. Stories like these make me so proud, grateful and humble to be an American.


    From markamerica: The Right to live without Fear?

    A sane adults’ emotional or psychological state is entirely under his or her control. I am not responsible for how you feel. CJ Grisham was not responsible for the dubious emotional state of the caller who observed him walking alongside a rural road armed with a rifle. I walk my property frequently with firearms in-hand. Thankfully, I live far enough outside city limits that most passersby seem to recognize nothing particularly threatening or untoward about an armed man in the country. Sadly, this is not always the case, and despite the fact that Grisham was breaking no laws, violating no rights, and frankly “imposing” nothing whatsoever on any other person, he was unnecessarily disarmed, assaulted, and arrested by a Temple police officer responding to that call. If you want to know how tyranny grows, it is due in large measure to the sort of numb-skulls who profess to be frightened of this or that. What they seek is a peace of mind absent any other humans, and far too many public officials are willing to seek power by claiming to serve that need. Only in death can any person rightly expect to obtain a “freedom from fear,” but ultimately, death, its threat, and its implements are the sole tools available to politicians who promise it.

    Consider Franklin Roosevelt’s so-called “Second Bill of Rights,” a litany of things to be provided, including mental or emotional states. It would have been better to have termed it a “Bill of Violations of Rights,” would we have been honest. Obama-care is a response to the very same thing: Some people must have their rights to life, liberty, and property denied due to the wants, wishes, and fantasies of others. This practice of tyrants creating conflicts between the actual rights of some people and the wishes of some others is not new. What is new has been the rapid advance of this bankrupt theory into our American culture. Due to faulty education, negligent parenting, and a vast political engine based on exploiting human weakness, America has arrived at the point in history where it must now fail for the lack of individual rights and the courage that had maintained them. “Rights” as conceived by our founders are disappearing under the crush of timid, slothful, morally-confused people with the ethics and standards of our lowest common denominator. The hopeful aspect of Grisham’s mistrial is that one of the six jurors ultimately understood what had been at stake. When CJ Grisham is re-tried, I earnestly hope that more who have understood the concept of rights will be on his jury.

    • $70129662

      Leftists do, idiot. You want me to qoute them?

      During Vietnam war leftists spat on our soldiers when they returned, etc. Cher admitted in an interview recently that she only now realized that our troops are not the bad guys… took her a bloody long time. What kind of leftist brainwashing made her hate our troops in the first place?

      Kerry called our troops rapists and terrorists, Obama said they were just air raiding villages and killing civilians, you want me to continue, I am just getting warmed up…

      Then there is Hollywood and their anti-military films, etc.

      Why does Hollywood hate our troops?

      “Unfortunately, many of these films typically portray our soldiers as deserters……..or complete whackjobs.”,d.cGE

    • $70129662

      Leftist Bill Maher on our troops:
      (It is leftists who are keeping this hater of our soldiers in business.)

      “BILL MAHER: Forget about bringing the troops home from Iraq. Can we bring them home from World War II? Can you believe that in 2009, we still have 50,000 tropps in Germany, and 30,000 troops in Japan? At some point, these people are going to have to learn to rape themselves!”

      Same leftist in 2013:

      “BILL MAHER: Well, some of them are psychopaths. I mean, let’s be honest. Some people join the Army because it’s the one place where you can kill people for free. Where you’re not charged with murder. I’m not saying that’s the main component of it, but I mean that is some attraction.”,d.cGE

      “They’re the greatest generation – nobody said they were the brightest generation.” About our WWII Vets.

      • Jeff

        This is the best you can do? Post jokes from a comedian as proof that all leftists (whatever that means) hate soldiers? It feels like I’ve wandered into the basement where are the crazy right wingers are kept.

        • $70129662

          Did I hurt ya with the truth, Jeffrey? Jokes from a comedian? Weak defense, what about hate from a wannabe comedian, trueblue leftist? And leftists have no problem with those kind of “jokes’ about our soldiers? You sure do have a strange way of showing love.

          • Jeff

            Maybe you should do some research on the crimes committed from some of our service members. Or I will be happy to post some facts and statistics for ya.

          • $70129662

            Typical leftist, always happy to trash our service members.

      • Jeff

        BTW Melory – How many times has Bristol been to visit the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan? How about her mother? (Kuwait doesn’t count).

        The answer is ZERO.

        Lets look at some of the leftists ( as you like to call them who have visited our troops).

        Angelina Jolie
        Robin Williams

        Jon Stewart
        Cast of the Daily Show
        Mark Walhberg

        Rodney Atkins
        Joan Jett
        Lance Armstrong
        Lewis Black

        Geez even Kellie Pickler has gone over there. Why does Bristol hate our troops!

        • $70129662

          The Palins do not have to go for photo-ops to Iraq and Afghanistan, their lives, words and actions speak of love and support for our troops. They have nothing to prove, they are not members of the DemRat party whose leftist members spat on our soldiers when they returned from Vietnam, conveniently ignore that fact?

          • Jeff

            Sarah palin missing an opportunity for a photo op? Hardly. They are cowards and sham artists. And you are their biggest fan/fool.