Always Melting My Heart


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"Thank God they are getting help and being saved now.Thank you, President Obama!"

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Restaurant Stops “Prayer Discounts” after Atheists ..."

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  • Michael Cummings

    Thank you for the nice picture of Tripp! ;* ;* XD

  • Kristy Patullo

    That is so sweet and adorable. Melts my heart, too, Bristol.

  • David

    They are helping a Good Cause.
    Nice photo, Bristol.

  • Guest

    Good cause and good for the kids to help as well, nice life lesson to help others.

  • KarenJ

    Isn’t that building in the background where his grandma used to hold court, back before she quit her job?

    • BermudaBob

      Do you enjoy trolling or are you always this misinformed. Let me guess, your favorite sources for news are HuffPo, Salon, NYT, Mother Jones and MSNBC. Nothing better for you to do than troll a 23 yr old young mother’s website and post snide remarks about a little boy?

      • MouseFanSal

        She has no inner happiness or a life. Only a truly mean person could see anything but love and positivity in a picture like this.

      • BermudaBob

        The difference is that I do not go onto a young lady’s website with the express purpose of spewing misinformation about her mother. Nor do I troll liberal websites, spoiling for a fight with people that obviously want to ignore facts and stick to their ideology above all else.

        And as for my favorite news sources, they are not restricted only to sites were I have commented. Why don’t you unlock YOUR profile, Red?

  • otlset

    Aw, have a heart. A melty one!

  • MouseFanSal

    Where does this come from? Look deep within you, then change for the better. This is to Guest right below.

  • MouseFanSal

    What are you talking about? How is the act of posting a sweet picture beg for money? Why are you so nasty? You’re full of ignorance aren’t you?

  • bmoney

    Bristol, Your opinion dosent matter. The world would be a better place without your families comments and narrow minded beliefs. Your mom is doggie-style hot though 😉

    • msutton7

      Well, you can say what you like because this is America. And, I can call you a big stupid jerk because this is America.

  • Bristol bustle

    I named my beautiful daughter after you! Meet Ms. Bristol Bustle