Finding “Faith:” Little Girl’s Sincere Apology Note Touches Twitter

How many times do you hear someone say, “here’s a sweet story from Twitter?”

Almost never, right?  Twitter is filled with the worst stuff.

That’s why I wanted to pass this along:

A little girl named Faith has made a big impression on Twitter after her handwritten note confessing to breaking a Christmas ornament inside a British retail store touched hearts and spawned a campaign to find her.

Dominic Joyce, the manager at retail chain John Lewis’s branch in Cambridge, tweeted a photo of the note on Dec. 3. He wrote that there was no return address on the letter, so he wanted to thank the girl on Twitter.

The girl’s note, written in pencil on white lined paper, said simply: “To John Lewis Cambridge. I’m sorry I broke a Christmas bauble on Saturday. It cost two pounds. Here is the money for it. Sorry again.” It was signed “Faith, aged 5.”

Taped to the note were two one-pound coins to cover the cost of the item. A rough drawing that appeared to be of a girl holding an unidentified object was also at the bottom of the note.

Touched by the girl’s honesty, Twitter users re-tweeted the note more than 200 times, and, using the hash tag #FindFaith, encouraged others to help locate the girl. Several news organizations carried the story.

Of course, they quickly found the mom who explained that she didn’t want to reveal her very shy daughter’s identity.  However, the store did send the girl a gift and was able to appropriately thank the child.

Super sweet!

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