Look Who Came to See Me at School!


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  • Richard Smit

    THe Palins are a wonderful family!

  • plewis1956

    Ma, ma where’s my pa?
    Back in Wasilla., Haw haw haw

    • idesign2

      Where was Obama’s pa when he was growing up?


      • Leota2


    • MouseFanSal


  • JeffG

    Great Pic. Wishing you and all of yours a very Merry Christmas.

    On another note, don’t mind the haters, The holy trinity is on our side.


  • John Wright

    God Bless you Bristol and all the family! Merry Christmas!

  • David

    Merry Christmas !

  • https://youtu.be/h82D5ZvcALM CrustyB

    I wonder what gives these meatsticks the impression that Bristol wastes her time reading their hateful comments? Must be part of their left-wing dementia.

  • Guest

    Wow….your kid actually READS? Maybe there is hope for there next generation.

    • MouseFanSal

      Who is this about? It can’t be about Bristol because she always did well in school, and her son is also in school.

  • Guest

    Wow, you mean your spawn actually READS? Maybe there is hope for the future generation?

  • June Schulte

    The redneck version of the Kardashians.

    • MouseFanSal

      That is a compliment. Though the Ks define themselves by attention. She is a normal person who cherishes normal things and doesn’t view herself as being famous.

      • June Schulte

        No one who has Sarah Palin as a Mother, can unfortunately be considered “normal.” I guess Bristol felt so normal, she was forced to get plastic surgery. Gimme a break. She, just like her Mother, are merely trying to profit from their fifteen minutes of fame. It is just unfortunate they use hatred and bigotry as their means to capitalize on their waning flame of notoriety.

        • MouseFanSal

          I can recommend a shrink for you to combat your hate and ignorance.
          1. She’s had a normal job since age 16.
          2. Considering all the lies spread about her, she definitely is welcome to making money from a few opportunities. She COULD HAVE done MUCH more if she were actually “celebrity minded.” Notice she doesn’t broadcast 90% of her life. Not even Sarah publicizes that much of her life.

          Get help.

          • Guest

            Lol…..not “celebrity minded???” DWTS…check. Failed Reality TV show….check.

            “Where others might have had the option of part-time work, child rearing and community college, Bristol Palin was apparently forced to go toward the paparazzi’s light. There was “Dancing With the Stars” to compete in and the covers of magazines to appear on and a memoir to publish (which the young Palin claims a bestseller; 15,000 copies sold so far, according to Nielsen BookScan) about the struggles of a young, single mom.”


          • Aladawg

            Guest I know a witch doctor that you need to see.

          • Peter Paul

            lol ya she did all that to not just promote good christian values, which give her credit for inspiring at least one life but she laughed all the way to the bank… Dwts… Check… New House…. Reality TV show … Check.. College Fun for Tripp… good game try harder next time in your slandering of her

          • Peter Paul


        • Aladawg

          June do this world a big favor drink a can of Drano.

        • Diane Cherechinsky

          junie go f**k yourself!!!

    • Aladawg

      June, red neck huh I’ll bet your mother and daddy were brother and sister to spawn an idiot like you.

  • MouseFanSal

    He looks just like you. Such a sweet boy. Good job! You’re such a responsible little mama. Your son certainly is a great little man. And his bond with your little brother is beautiful.

    • PaMaDu

      he actually looks more like Levi and Sunny :-)

      • Aladawg

        Moron go suck as egg.

  • karryfoster

    Bristol, I hope you and the family have very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Don’t let the haters get you down. They are all just ignorant trash anyway.

    • Aladawg

      Karry I really agree with you all of her haters are trashy morone scum.

  • Kristy Patullo

    Awe, he adores his Mom. So sweet, Bristol. Hope all is going well at school. I
    know it’s all for Tripp.

    • PaMaDu

      beauty school in AZ is “all for Tripp”? really? WOW….

  • Moviesforlife

    Hey Bristol when was the last time Levi saw Tripp? You’re a selfish mother.

    • Aladawg

      And you can kiss her butt moron.

  • June Schulte

    And what exactly would be considered, “our way?” You make a lot of generalizations and assumptions, which is the very thing that makes you and your ilk, the true bigots. If Bristol can’t take the heat, she can stay out of the kitchen. No one is forcing her to be a public person…..or are they? Free speech, remember? Oh, thaaaaattts right, I almost forgot….it’s not free speech for everyone. Only for those knuckle dragging people like you, Jean_A.

    You should fall on your knees to thank God every night that Bristol’s Mother isn’t in the White House. Oh, I wonder what this big Red button does??? And the next nuclear war ensues.

  • Peter Paul

    Awww what if you Fed Ex or UPS him to me with a bunch of money I’ll move him to a good area and school… You can come to, take him to movies and stuff on the weekends

    • Ghin

      Okay, that’s just creepy

  • Richard Smit

    it didnt make her look bad at all!!

  • BermudaBob

    Wrong Palin. Willow went to hair school. But to you, facts probably don’t matter. Haters do what they do best…hate.

  • MouseFanSal

    You should probably grow up. You’re the biggest hypocrite in your hating.

  • MouseFanSal

    Why do you care? It’s Christmas. Go do something nice for once.

  • MouseFanSal

    How old are you? Bristol has no problems with gays. Go do something nice, probably for the first time in your life.

  • MouseFanSal

    Your inner hate is palpable.

  • MouseFanSal

    I feel sorry you’re so hateful around Christmas. Your insistence in spreading lies about people is telling about you.

  • MouseFanSal

    Seriously. How old are you? You’re a bigger bully than 5000 7th graders combined. I feel deeply sorry for you and your black heart.

    Do people not realize when they choose to HATE and trash people whom they feel are disrespecting people, they’re displaying the height of hypocrisy?


  • MouseFanSal

    STALKER! And a liar. LMAO

  • MouseFanSal

    You’re such a bully, living hypocritically. You’re the person who lashes out in hate towards people you deem hateful.

    PURE hypocrisy.

    Just get a life. Or maybe you’ve driven everyone who’s ever tried to love you away.

  • MouseFanSal

    He has her exact eyes and smile and is her twin from when she was 5. Though people did think his parents were siblings due to close looks. Actually, because her brother had blond hair until age 10ish, he looks just like him at that age too.

  • MouseFanSal

    I didn’t say she didn’t attend the same school. However, schools have more than 1 discipline. You’re an idiot. Get a life and stop stalking. This doesn’t concern you in any way.

  • MouseFanSal

    Um, I didn’t say I didn’t know she studied there. I said she wasn’t studying hair. Now run along and sniff some more glue. It’s time your creeper stalking days ended.

  • politicallie

    But she reads all of them!! Thank you, I win the internet today :)

  • PaMaDu

    Imagine that…

  • PaMaDu

    of course there are….http://search.mtadirectory.com/Wasilla,AK/Beauty-Schools/list but that would make it too easy for Levi to see his son…nothing the palins do is without strategy. It would not surprise me if Bristol picked AZ so she can establish residency so she could keep Tripp there her…

  • Aladawg

    And you are a liberal moron.

  • Michael Scott

    It is a pity that families breakup so often. There is also shame due the shameless that takes a position politically to either find fault our encourage any family to separate. If you all were raised correctly none would open your mouths.