You know how people say, “I hope he rots in jail?”  This is apparently the president’s policy on Pastor Saeed.

Ugh.  I wish I could come to you and give you a better update, but it seems like Pastor Saeed is literally rotting in jail.  After all of the people who have signed petitions, prayed, and tweeted for him, President Obama has left him in a deadly Iranian prison to die.

His family got to visit him recently, and what they found was terrifying.

Saeed is in a “cell” that has a sheet for a wall – which is the only thing separating him from rapists and murderers.  He has woken up several times with men standing over him with knives.  Prisoners are routinely hanged in front of everyone, by other prisoners.  He’s been robbed at knifepoint, so he has no items of personal hygiene.  The prison is so gross, he’s covered head to toe in lice.  He also described what is probably a severe urinary tract infection.  However, there’s no medication to stop it.  After several of his beatings, Iranian doctors prescribed him medication to help his internal bleeding. Now, the prison wardens are keeping it from him and he’s getting worse and worse.

Imagine going to visit your loved one in jail – who’s only crime is being a follower of Christ – and finding him covered in lice, infectious, and noticeably thin and weak. 

President Obama made a deal with Iran when he could’ve demanded his release.  He didn’t.  Why?  Originally he said no human rights issues were discussed.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that he lied about that.

Apparently, we released an Iranian prisoner on their request.  So, we caved and they did nothing for us.  More to the point, the President did nothing for Saeed.

You can sign a petition here.  You can tweet about it here.  You can even write a letter to Iran’s new president here.

(I know many of have already done this – thank you!  I think it helps him to know we haven’t forgotten about it, though Obama has intentionally closed his eyes to Saeed’s suffering.) 

Please please please pray for him in the meantime.  He has kids and a wife back home no doubt in agony.

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  • Sue Lynn

    I have signed the petition…May God be with this Godly man and yes lets pray and keep the pressure on….this is awful and shameful. God Bless you Bristol for being a voice for him!!!!

  • $3838536

    Obama is anti-Christian, anti-American.

    • otlset

      How do you spin “blame the president for this guy taking the risk going to Iran” as a comeback to “Obama is anti-Christian, anti-American”?

      • otlset

        See? You’re doing it again! Anything but answer the question.

        • otlset

          The sum total of his foreign policy actions so far in office would suggest just that. He has dragged this country down on almost all fronts foreign and domestic.

          • otlset

            Twist away troll. “Come on everybody, let’s do the Alinsky Twist! Round and around, up and down…”.

  • J.D.

    Let’s believe in the power of prayer and pray fervently!

  • Yaqi

    lol where is his God now

    • Jenn

      Well, if you are a Christian, you believe that God is with him in his prison cell. What good is a God if he isn’t right there with you through the good, the bad and the ugly?!?

      • Meagan Broce

        God saved him from lice?? God saved him from being beaten?? God is making the guards give him his meds that he needs??

        • Joanna

          Yes, God is good. Yes, God is with him. God does not promise good. In fact, God told us that Christians will suffer for His name, but He will always be with us. The world is evil and people like this pastor suffer because of it. God will save him, whether it is now, or later through his death and new life in heaven. Praise to God! This man was willing to suffer in order to bring God’s Word to people who desperately need to hear it. He is an amazing example of what God asks all believers to do. I pray that he is released and able to continue his ministry, but if he is not, I pray that God gives him the strength he needs to endure his suffering and continue to be a godly example to the other prisoners and guards until his suffering is ended and he is in heaven with the God he so faithfully serves.

    • Meagan Broce

      Amen =]

  • otlset

    I agree as well as I suspect the Palins agree that even atheists should not have to be oppressed by the Islamic regime in Iran. But Christians of late have been particularly oppressed recently as a direct result of the Obama-inspired “Arab Spring’ BS that let Islamists take over what used to be allied nations in the mid-east, making it easier for these fanatics to harass, uproot, murder, and treat as second-class citizens Christians in those nations.

    And more directly, the individual at issue in this post is a Christian, not an atheist.

    • otlset

      Boy you sure know how to do the “Alinsky Twist”. The DNC could use you about now, heh.

      No. Obama’s not personally responsible for the pastor’s release, but at the very least he could mention it, and make his usual empty gestures — you know, like on the campaign trail promising the moon while lying through his teeth.

    • otlset

      Obama should make some gesture on the pastor’s behalf. Otherwise he’s the cad we all know him to be.

      Yes, Iran, whose present government is what those of the Islamists in Egypt and Libya (the most prominent of the nations I alluded to above) might aspire to.

      • otlset

        Prove it.

        • otlset

          I stand corrected, and hope if that official is telling the truth, it will generate some response from the Iranians, especially after Obama now signaling defeat in getting them to stop enriching uranium.

        • otlset

          Yes, I was wrong on this. I hope his going easy on Iran these past few months regarding the loosening of some frozen Iranian assets and allowing uranium enrichment in return for whatever we got (six month bomb-building timeout? Carefully controlled nuclear facility ‘inspections’?) will inspire them to release the pastor as a diplomatic gesture.

    • val61259 .

      for now.

  • HuntingMoose

    Thank you Bristol for reminding people about him.

    He may not be able to protect his body from evil but his faith does protect his spirit

    And thanks to people like you, the evil orwellian forces currently surrounding us will not be able to rewrite history or erase him from memory.

    Thank you Bristol

  • Ian Golightly

    @ redmeat: you’re an idiot. WHAT exactly pains you so badly about Bristol sounding off in defense of this American being held in conditions that would cause an outcry had it contained dogs and cats?!
    So pastor Saeed should have known about the risks, and therefore it is his fault and he should not expect any help despite him being a citizen of one of the most influential countries in the world? Then explain this to me: who ordered all kinds of military intervention when captain Phillips on board Maersk Alabama was taken hostage? Was not this captain also aware of the risks of being in pirate waters and should he therefore not have been left alone? According to your screwed up logic, yes.
    The only “crime” pastor Saeed has committed, is being a Christian. And for that he may have to pay the ultimate price, which is death. Nobody ought to suffer such heinous conditions, merely because of their faith. The prisoners on Guantanamo sure don’t! Kudos to miss Bristol for bringing attention to this man’s poor treatment and for her prayers. Please, redmeat, if you cannot find it in yourself to praise her for her unselfish efforts, but merely can ridicule and offend-then take a hike, idiot!

    • Hawk1957

      Jealous much

      I actually like reading your stuff. I’ve never seen so much jealousy and anger than I have from you. Keep up the good work. It’s entertaining and enjoyable

      • Hawk1957

        Yes, but the statement is true and you already know this, you can call it lame. You can call it anything you wish, but we both know as you sit there with tears in your eyes, how true it is that no matter how hard you try and that no matter what come back. You write and no matter what goes through your head that the statement was true. Had it been anything other than truth. You would not of taken the time to try to insult me. Yet one more time and I am sorry for you that you have such an emptiness that the only way you can fill it is with assumptions and insults my Christmas wish for you or holiday. If you choose, or just plain wish. If those 2 of insulted your sense of dignity and the narrowness in which you think is that something good will happen to you that will allow you to grow as a human being and that you will find the things that make you dry off your tears and have a good day. Honestly, this wasn’t meant to insult you, but to try to help you wake up, see I believe in you. I think eventually you will grow

        • Hawk1957

          Actually, red meat, my life is actually good. That’s why took me so long to get back to you I do have a life to live as I said earlier, you are so entertaining I write back to you for the entertainment value. I can imagine the veins in your 4 head popping out because someone dares yes, someone dares to bring the truth out and slap you upside your ego with it, when you want to be sarcastic. I’m much better at remembering perhaps in the future. You’ll learn how to fight with facts, not within little smirks I would tell you what the word means, but I suggest you look it up. And yes, when you grow up and you have a little bit of knowledge you’ll know 2 things. How to use your words correctly, but more importantly, you’ll know what the meaning of red meat is an perhaps, just perhaps pick a better name. In the meantime, I have found more entertaining comment on another blog may happiness follow you a good things come to your life and please take this for the positive note that it is intended to learn to think for yourself. If you go to a right-leaning website to get facts remember to go to the left leaning website to look at the same facts and then find the truth in the middle as it should be. Never be afraid of the truth. It may not set you free, but it will make you think, that is, of course, unless it your job to post on different websites in which case you’re as good as any of the other ones I’ve seen.

  • Donald Thomas

    This is NOT a good way to present an appeal to the President. I hate you so do something for me. Not Christian. I perceive this to be nothing but propaganda against the President. Shame on you for promoting HATE

    • Renny

      Sick, you are as well.

      • Donald Thomas

        I remember using the same tactic as a school child. Your rebuttal is lame.

        • Renny

          Your defense of the president is lame. As is your assumption that Bristol ‘hates’ him. Your disregard for the pastor is beyond ‘lame’. Just another worthless Palin hater trolling her blog. Oh, you big man. Pfft.

          • Donald Thomas

            No defense, I’m just questioning the bitterness, anger and yes hate being professed toward the president. As being a correct way of representing Christians. I agree that the pastor be released, but that’s not helping. Things happen with love toward all. Think on Love Renny. even for those you see as not fit and then watch those people raise above themselves

          • otlset

            We are exceedingly sad mostly about how the president has dragged down the country on all fronts since he tricked the voters into voting for him by blatantly lying to get elected. We find it hard to look the other way and ignore the truth. Occasionally after news report after news report of our country’s (needless) decline for the past several years, feelings of anger and betrayal rise to the surface and are expressed which is the right of a free people.

  • $70129662

    Thank you little sister! His God has not forgotten him. We will keep praying and keep urging president Obama – the Lord may appear to him in a dream regarding Pastor Saeed.

    Pastor Saeed became a Christian after the Lord Jesus appeared to him in a dream. For years I have heard the testimonies of how the Lord appears to Muslims in dreams – so I was intrigued to hear from his wife (on TV) that this is how Pastor Saeed (who was born into a Muslim family) became a Christian.

    Right now, in northern Nigeria, Christian women are being forced to convert to Islam as we speak, we do not hear about that in our “women’s rights” media…. The Lord said we will be persecuted for confessing His name, but He said He will never leave us nor forsake us. Let us pray that Pastor Saeed will not lose his faith and that the Lord will strengthen him for the battle. Let us also pray for Christians all over the world that are being persecuted for their faith.

    I was thinking this morning that these Christians may be killed for their faith, but their souls have not been destroyed – but what about us in America – we may not be killed for our faith – but have we perhaps already lost our souls – so many of us stay silent while little babies are being murdered in the womb, and while infanticide (the murder of newborn babies) is real and legal and happening in America, etc.

    Matthew 10:28:

    And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

  • Meagan Broce

    Haven’t you tried praying????
    Its SUCH a fix all….
    You are a hilarious joke…

    • Renny

      Yeah, praying for and speaking out about a wrongly imprisoned man, that’s ‘hilarious’? You are sick, lady. Terribly sick.

  • $70129662

    Bristol, did you hear that Nelson Mandela died? It is now around 1:00 in the morning (Dec 6) in South Africa, he died few hours ago, must have been around 9:00 in the evening SA time, Dec,5, 2013.

    We expected it, but it still feels like a punch in the stomach… so many memories.. the Lord was faithful, he brought us through, do not give up hope for Pastor Saeed.

    Rest in peace, Madiba…

    Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika (God bless Africa) Paul Simon, Hugh Masekela, Miriam Makeba and Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

    He did bless South-Africa, instead of the blood bath of revenge – we got a wise leader who taught forgiveness and reconciliation…

    • $70129662

      This is America, we have different opinions and are free to express them. As you can see I have a different perspective and experience. Others may feel justified in the way they see it. No problem.

      I am a better person because of Madiba’s example of forgiveness and reconciliation. When Madiba called for reconciliation, some of us were not happy – white men started coming to our churches to ask for our forgiveness. I thought they were just doing that because the winds of change have blown and they were trying to get into our good books.

      I was the only one in our church that refused to go up to the white man and embrace him – but out of respect for my pastor I went up to the man, just to tell him what I thought of his “phony” repentance. The white man told me that I may be right – some whites may not have changed, but that God holds me responsible for my reaction and that God expects me to forgive, that was my part, He will hold me responsible for it. I could not deny that truth, I accepted his apology, he accepted mine, and from that day I had a better attitude towards those I used to hate.

  • $70129662


  • Thanks for speaking up for those in prison. Well said.

  • Renny

    It’s a disgrace. Beyond a disgrace, that an American president would leave the Pastor to ‘rot’. It’s despicable.Then negotiate with those holding him as if he doesn’t exist. Give them concessions. This is president ‘bend over and grab your ankles’ at his worst.

    • Donald Thomas

      freedom of hate speech. It’s your right as an American, your sin as a Christian

      • Hawk1957

        Donald I apologize I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to say,are you saying that there is hate speech in the comment above or in the story?And that the comment above is a sin or the story is a sin?In either case would not the sin be compounded as you have elected yourself to be without sin and cast the 1st stone?

    • Hawk1957

      Red meat, perhaps instead of calling people names you could act less like an idiot and post the straight facts, as you call them so that we can make an informed decision, until you learn to discuss. I would say you’re acting like an idiot. Your whole argument comes across I said it so it must be true. I see no facts behind them. And truly, not meaning to demean you in any way when you say someone is spreading hate speech by using hate speech to make the statement that because they left something out a statement isn’t that acting and doing the exact same thing.

      • Hawk1957

        So once again you show yourself as a complete doofus there was a time when I acted just like you and assumed everyone that didn’t agree with me was right-wing or a moron and then in 2012I was at my local Democratic headquarters and I finally noticed something all the people I was listening to could not possibly answer questions without pointing you to a link that only had their side of the story o calling the people that disagreed with, I didn’t ask you for the links.What I asked for you to post was the straight facts, not another story you make all of these little comments but apparently you don’t know how to put actual facts into a comment,I have no right-wing agenda truth be known I don’t particularly like the Palin’s but I have grown so tired of supposedly educated people that know all the facts yet can only resort to name-calling or assumptions. So when someone writes something to you and it doesn’t fit into your little bubble of thought does that mean that you don’t listen or respect any other opinion for fear that you may not love this president as much as you think.I don’t hate the president we have good presidents we have bad presidents time in history will determine that not made up stories from either side this moment in time in the overall scheme of things does not really matter and as far as the president getting a man out of a foreign jail especially from this country has been done before,please my friend engage your brain before you type

        • Hawk1957

          oh I see and no you know what’s going on did not know I was reading a post from the president or perhaps you’re the vice president since you seem to know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes, or at least your post would lead someone to think that like I said earlier, you are very entertaining. I’m sorry I didn’t write you back sooner but. Fortunately for me, unfortunate for you. I have a life outside of this and other blogs that you post on I just come here when I need entertaining your lack of insight, knowledge and history make you such an easy target, but with people of your limited intelligence and knowledge. I am quickly becoming bored with you. So as entertaining as you are I probably will let you have the last word as empty as it will be

  • Joanna

    God is good and faithful; He is just and His will is perfect and He is with this pastor. God does not promise good. In fact, God told us that Christians will suffer for His name, but He will always be with us. The world is evil and people like this pastor suffer because of it. God will save him, whether it is now, or later through his death and new life in heaven. Praise to God! This man was willing to suffer in order to bring God’s Word to people who desperately need to hear it. He is an amazing example of what God asks all believers to do. I pray that he is released and able to continue his ministry, but if he is not, I pray that God gives him the strength he needs to endure his suffering and continue to be a godly example to the other prisoners and guards until his suffering is ended and he is in heaven with the God he so faithfully serves.

  • otlset

    It just shows how little influence Obama has with those in foreign countries now, even those he’s been making overtures of obeisance to like Iran, who feels free to snub and deride him and claim ‘victory’ in the recent negotiations over uranium enrichment.

  • Kristy Patullo

    So heartbreaking, Bristol. It’s infuriating that Obama did not include Pastor
    Saeed in the deal with Iran. I will continue to pray for this man.