The Gap Switches to “Merry Christmas”

As you know, Mom’s book — Good Tidings and Great Joy  — includes yummy recipes, personal stories about our old bear stockings, and her take on about faith in America.  

In one chapter, she writes about how some stores wish customers a “Happy Holidays” instead of a “Merry Christmas,” to make sure no one is offended.  Here’s a little of what she says:

Christmas sales are good and vital to the health of retailers, and the prosperity of their employees.  I don’t resent good marketing.

But the store gets it wrong with this generic response.  Dave Barry pointed out the lunacy of the bland terms, when he wrote, “These days, people say ‘Season’s Greetings,’ which, when you think about it, means nothing. It’s like walking up to somebody and saying ‘Appropriate Remark in a loud, cheerful voice.’ But ‘Season’s Greetings’ is safer, because it does not refer to any actual religion. Some day, I imagine, even ‘Season’s Greetings’ will be considered too religious, and we’ll celebrate the Holiday Season by saying ‘Have a nice day.’”

I think what he’s trying to say is that the “all things to all people” philosophy isn’t as all-encompassing or neutral as these stores believe.

As my parents taught me, words matter.

Apparently The Gap recently made the American Family Association’s “nice list.”  According to AFA’s Randy Sharp about 80% of stores used to ignore the word “Christmas” in ads.  But things seem to be changing:

“We began working with GAP and Old Navy about five years ago when they adamantly refused to use the term ‘Christmas’ in any of their seasonal advertising.”

For that reason, AFA called for a boycott of the stores during the Christmas shopping season last year. It appears the pro-family group’s persistence has paid off.

“This week the American Family Association received a personal letter from Bill Chandler, who is the executive vice president for global corporate affairs at GAP Incorporated,” states Sharp, “and he is proud to let us know that this year things are different at GAP and Old Navy.”

According to that letter, evidence of the turnaround will be seen in Christmas themes and signs in GAP’s stores and “Christmas” sales. AFA applauds GAP for that decision.

“There are stickers and signs inside the windows of every single store saying ‘Merry Christmas.’ They’re planning Christmas-themed sales. They’re going to use the term ‘Christmas’ exclusively throughout the season. So it’s a huge victory for Christian families who want to do shopping with stores that recognize Christ is the center of the season and use ‘Christmas’ in their advertising.”

Way to go, Gap!  And Merry Christmas to you, too.

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  • Benjamin Thomás DuFault

    The meaning for the season goes back towards pagan routes, if you really get down to it. The church decided that, in order to stamp out pagan holidays/practices, they would make Jesus’s birthday in December, around the solstice, in order to ‘replace’ the original holidays.

    On top of that, there are a multitude of other holidays celebrated around this time. Should we just ignore those? I’m not one for making everything PC, but there’s nothing wrong with wishing somebody a ‘happy holidays’. There’s nothing wrong with wishing somebody a ‘merry Christmas’ either. When it comes down to it, the place ‘insert holiday phrase x here’ comes from is the same, and that’s what should matter. This isn’t a season for boycotts, mud-slinging, or name-calling. It’s a season where we should be doing our best to help our fellow man, regardless of whether or not it’s the birthday of Jesus Christ or any other messiah from the plethora of myths and religions out there that claim December 25th as the birthday of their god-made- flesh.

    Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to all, whatever you and your family celebrates.

    • Jimmy

      Go Benjamin and the Truth. The War of Christmas is just a way from some people to sell their terrible books.

      • SSJWZ

        And to bash others.

        • Jimmy

          Bash others who excercise their freedom of religion or non religion. I wonder if god really Cares that you put a tree in your house to cast out those evil spirits?

      • qtdb7

        What’s the deal with the skull logo?

        • Benjamin Thomás DuFault

          I could be wrong, but methinks it’s from Día de Muertos, the Mexican day of the dead.

        • otlset

          It symbolizes an empty head.

    • SSJWZ

      Christmas was celebrated at the same time as a pagan holiday to keep from being persecuted as christians. Not to stamp out others.

      • qtdb7

        Since when did democrats/liberals care about God?

        • Benjamin Thomás DuFault

          Qt there are plenty of democrats/liberals who are religious in one form or another. To make blanket statements like that is not only illogical, it sets us back as people. It’s wrong to paint those who disagree as ‘faceless monsters’ who deserve to be treated differently because they have differentiating thoughts/opinions. The government would/still does do this for whatever token war we tend to be fighting at the time. They’ll paint the enemies out to be monsters instead of men and women who are just as terrified as US soldiers, who miss their loved ones just as much.

          Our government wants to divide us as much as possible to keep us from focusing on the real threat: the government itself. Don’t fall into their trap. <3

          • qtdb7

            If democrats/liberals really care about God, then they would NOT SCREW/DISTORT with the U.S. Constitution eveyday.

          • Benjamin Thomás DuFault

            Qt, politicians, regardless of political affiliation, are going to mess with whatever they need to to fulfill their own self-interest. People in power have been doing that the whole time. The government wants you to pick a side and fight your fellow citizens. That’s when it takes the opportunity to take away even more of our freedoms.

          • otlset

            “It’s wrong to paint those who disagree as ‘faceless monsters’ who deserve to be treated differently because they have differentiating thoughts/opinions.”

            I like this, because it’s true from all ends of the spectrum.

      • Benjamin Thomás DuFault

        Hrm, that makes sense actually. Where did you read this? Do you have sources? I was always taught (actually by church leaders) that Christmas and Easter were celebrated when they were celebrated in order to lead Pagans into Christianity.

    • qtdb7

      We the People call this time a ‘Christmas season’, not ‘Kwanza season’, not ‘Muslim season’, not ‘pagan season’. The founders of the United States of America were christians. They were very tolerant people. They created the 1st Amendment to prevent the government from oppressing other people with different religions.
      America EXCEPTIONALISM is not about America being better or smarter than other countries or God loving America more than other countries. Most of the world lived under tyrants, dictators, warlords, kings, queens until America with the Bill of Rights was created. That is the first time in the history of mankind when people have the real taste of FREEDOM/LIBERTY.
      To the people who don’t like America:
      If you don’t like America, then why don’t you get the hell out?

      • Benjamin Thomás DuFault

        I love my country, don’t get me wrong. One doesn’t have to be a Christian/think that our country is a Christian nation to love the United States.

        And there was a little thing called the Magna Carta, of which the Declaration of Independence/Bill of Rights is based upon, which was conceived in the year 1215 by English citizens who wished to not be oppressed anymore by the crown. So yeah, the USA isn’t the first, nor will it be the last, sole provider of freedom and liberty.

  • VanessaEsther

    I believe in Jesus Christ and I also agree with Benjamin’s comment. This is a pagan holiday.

    • SSJWZ

      Its fun, just like ghost stories and finding shapes in clouds.

    • qtdb7

      I thought democrats/liberals removed God from their platform.

  • Tara Davis

    ‘Tis the season … for parents to decide if they will tell the truth about Santa. When it comes to cultural issues like Santa, Christians have three options: 1) we can reject it, 2) we can receive it, or 3) we can redeem it. Read more…

  • Michael Rice

    The difference is the non mention of Christmas was a direct slam at Christmas.
    They could easily say Merry Christmas and Happy whatever, just like with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    They were trying to take Christmas out, not include others.
    If the attempts to stamp out Christian expressions and holidays is not the time for a boycott, I do not know what is.
    Standing buy and continuing to purchase things from a group that acts like they did/do would do absolutely nothing except encourage them to continue to do it.
    The refusal to call out things that are wrong, is just as wrong.
    Christians are taught if they deny Jesus, he will deny them. SO, why on earth would we stand by and watch a company, many companies try to profit from the holiday, yet refuse to acknowledge it?
    They aren’t trying to make some stand against an incorrect date, they fear backlash from other faiths….all while using the holiday to profit.
    If other faiths wouldn’t go nuts about them saying Merry Christmas….maybe Christians wouldn’t have to push back.
    And no, it is not a pagan holiday. Yes, it is on the date pagan holidays were observed, but if I make a holiday celebrating cheese the same day as Easter, does that make Cheese day a Christian holiday? No.
    December 25th was originally the day of a pagan holiday. Christmas itself was never such a holiday.

    • Benjamin Thomás DuFault

      You’re right on a few things there Michael, but wrong on some others. Yes, Christmas was celebrated on a day of a Pagan holiday, but Christmas has taken some of the traditions and made them their own (Christmas trees, wreathes, mistletoe, etc etc all stem from Pagan traditions). Easter is the worst at it, honestly, as the secular celebration of the holiday (bunnies, eggs, candies, etc) are almost directly stolen from Ishtar, the original holiday celebrated on Easter.

      But regardless, Christmas is still Christmas, and Yule, the solstice, etc are all Pagan traditions.

      And I don’t see these companies purposely excluding Christmas. If they are that’s awful and they totally shouldn’t, but are they mentioning any other holidays? I’m guessing that most companies will avoid mentioning any religious observances completely in order to not alienate any of their customers. That’s the difference here.

      Personally, I’m not religious in the slightest, but I never get offended if somebody wishes me a happy ‘(insert holiday here)’. The meaning behind it is what matters, not what is directly said.

      • Jay Sands

        An apparent attempt to blowhard your ability to research. However you really have learned nothing from that research.

        • Benjamin Thomás DuFault

          Jay I’m not sure what you mean. Please elaborate?

    • Jay Sands

      Damn Michael I like that. Great job. Merry Christmas.

  • Robert Michael Gabriel

    GAP and Old Navy are great products. So glad to see them properly recognize the reason for the season, at least to us who follow Christ.

  • This may not really be new, per San Francisco’s KGO, ABC7:
    Story’s concludes: ABC7 News looked at a Gap commercial from last year and it included ‘Merry Christmas,’ along with other holiday greetings.
    On the other hand,
    Maybe you’d like these Hallmark Channel and Lifetime TV Christmas movies for entertainment during the Christmas season; they say Christmas:

  • akrazyrunner

    Season’s Greetings Everyone!

  • JuVen Luis

    Now I have to buy the book, you got me interested…Great article Bristol,,,

  • mofromUS

    ADA boy Luthor, Good job Bristol, and a very Merry Christmas to all.

  • Valeria Bowers

    not put the music of the season back, the carols not grandma got run over by a reindeer, though you can play that too.

  • Marilyn

    This holiday season is about giving and remembering we are celebrating the birth of Christ who died for us. Merry Christmas!

  • TheWord

    Christ will save those that believe and find out they are loved.

  • 1MiddleRoader

    Our long national nightmare is over…

    • otlset

      What, did Obama get impeached already?

      • 1MiddleRoader

        Good one, (I must admit).

  • Dee

    YAY!! I am more than happy to shop and shop more at a business that is not afraid to stand for tradition and faith!! When I walk into a store and I say Merry Christmas and they say happy holidays…I turn around and leave, Merry Christmas is personal and happy holidays is generic and reminds me they just want my money.Way to go Gap and Old Navy….see you SOON!!!

    • Benjamin Thomás DuFault

      I’m a floor clerk at Marshalls and we have signs hanging up in our store saying ‘Merry Christmas!’ yet we’re required to say happy holidays when we interact with customers. Again, it’s what’s behind the words that matter. If I wish you a happy holidays, I’m wishing you the same thing I would be if I was saying ‘merry Christmas’.

      • Jay Sands

        Just exactly WHAT holidays do you refer to. Hanukkah? Kwanzaa (no basis)? Easter? Independence Day? …….

        • Benjamin Thomás DuFault

          I’m referring to whatever people celebrate at this time of year, that’s all. I’m wishing them quality time with their families, and I’m wishing that they be grateful for what they have. That’s what the holidays are for me, and I mean that no matter what I say.

      • Guest

        No it’s not the same, the wording is different. If you’re intention’s are for Christmas. Say Merry Christmas, Why assume your customers know what you mean? Maybe you are Jewish and mean Happy Kwanzaa. I wouldn’t know you meant Christmas unless you said it. How would I? Merry Christmas has one meaning, Happy Holiday’s has;; Well how many holiday’s are there?

        • 1MiddleRoader

          Why assume your customers celebrate Christmas?

          • Marty

            Maybe because there in his store Christmas shopping

          • 1MiddleRoader

            If it’s the day before Hanukkah, maybe not…

          • Marty

            Quit being a troll

          • Benjamin Thomás DuFault

            Middle isn’t a troll. They’re making good points. By the phrasing meaning the same, I mean it comes from the same place: wishing somebody goodwill. Because when it comes down to it, that’s what it means.

          • Marty

            Sorry you’re wrong, Christmas is about the birth of Christ. It is about nothing else. So what other good point. “Being politically correct.” That is not a good point. Sorry whether you want to believe it or not this is the United States of America, and we celebrate the birth of Christ on 12-25. If you want to celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanzaa that’s fine. But for some to sue because Christmas is politically incorrect is just wrong. How about freedom of religion Is that no longer a right? And I as most would like to hear Merry Christmas. So no further reply is necessary. As to me you are a troll and will not change my mind to you’re politically correct way of thinking. I was born and raised here and it has until about the last 15 yr’s or so always been Merry Christmas. And this is an attack against Christ. If you don’t believe in Christ that is fine. but why stop Christians from celebrating Christmas in their true traditional fashion? Which in part has always been to wish other’s a Merry Christmas.






            There are plenty more if you take a few minutes and look.

          • Benjamin Thomás DuFault

            Marty you make a lot of assumptions here. I never said I wanted people to stop celebrating Christmas. I never said that people shouldn’t celebrate Christmas. All I was getting at is that saying that there’s a ‘war on Christmas’ or getting worked up because not everybody says merry Christmas is childish and silly. And this isn’t a Christian country by any means. Never has been, never will be (hopefully, and by that I mean hopefully no religion takes over our government), so to say that our country only celebrated Christmas, when the USA is a country founded by immigrants and known at the ‘cultural melting pot of the world’, is wrong on so many levels.

            There’s no war on Christmas. The only music on the radios is Christmas music for one, and nobody is told that they can’t celebrate Christmas. The whole idea of a ‘war on Christmas’ is a ploy for people to hock their books/shows/etc and to cause more separation between us countrymen and countrywomen.

            And if politely sharing a differentiating opinion and respectfully responding to others makes me a troll, then so be it. Merry Christmas to you as well sir. May it be full of blessing and good times with family and friends.

          • Marty

            Don’t you dare tell me there is no war on Christianity. There most definitely is. Look around you!!!! I can’t help if you are blinded by you’re own agenda or someone else’s. But fact’s are fact’s. Here is one for you Muslim faith suppose to be faith of peace right. but yet this is happening everyday in the middle east. there is a video I recommend you watch.


            (and this is only one example)

            Now I don’t know about you but that does not look like peace to me. And it is happening to Christians everywhere. ” WHY” there is no war against Christianity? Right”” Their only crime was being Christian. Go back in you’re hole. because there is a war on Christianity… I indeed intend to fight for my belief’s.

            You can google war on Christians and see the results, pages of them. But wait there is no war on Christians, This is all in my head. And to me this Christmas issue is just another such attack, Everyone used to say Merry Christmas all the time.. Why not now?” As I said in an earlier post, because of being politically correct..

            I really have no tolerance for political correctness. You’ve got to stand for something. And for me this is worth standing for..

            Try google amazing tool to get you out of that bubble you are living in. Quit with the MSM they only tell you what they want you to know, not what is really going on.

            Why did Obama not ask Iran for the American Christian Priest to be brought home from Iran. During the Iran nuclear talk’s? After all he is being held in prison in Iran only for speaking the word of God. Could have included him in the talk’s.


            Still think there is no war against Christians? There is and it has spread into our boarders. Do I have tolerance for other religion’s!! Of coarse I do, if you want to celebrate Hanukkah go ahead. If you want to celebrate Kwanzaa go ahead. But these people should not come to a country that celebrates Christmas and expect us not to say Merry Christmas. It’s just not right. I would not go to their country and complain because someone or some organization told me happy Kwanzaa or whatever I would have sense to know I was in their yard not my own.

            SO are you sure you want to say there is no war against Christians? Because all the evidence is there that there indeed is. And sorry I will stand against anyone for my beliefs.. If you are Christian you have one of two choices. Stand with God’and fight for your beliefs, or cower down and deny the lord.

          • otlset

            Why assume they’ll take offense?

          • 1MiddleRoader

            For the zillionth time, I don’t assume they’ll take offense. I don’t even think most people do take offense. I just think a more inclusive term is better, unless you know specifically that the person celebrates Xmas. It’s not that big a deal either way.
            I’m in the special education field. We are advised to use “people first” language: e.g., “child with autism” as opposed to “autistic child”. Doesn’t seem like a big difference to me, but that’s what most parents of kids with special needs prefer, because they feel he/she is a person first, and the disability doesn’t define the person. So I try to do that, both because the parents have a point, but also to respect their view. But It’s not offensive to say it the other way around.

      • francesca9

        I was at Marshall’s yesterday and the salesgirl wished me Happy Holidays, it was not the same feeling as when someone wishes you Merry Christmas. Sorry about that!!!!

        • Benjamin Thomás DuFault

          I guess that’s a personal thing, really. But again, if you look at where it comes from, it all means the same.

    • Jay Sands

      Never, ever forget HOBBY LOBBY. They have been standing up for years. All the way to the U.S. Supreme court.

    • 1MiddleRoader

      Whether they say Christmas or Holidays, they still just want your money. But what you say is interesting- Merry Christmas is personal to you. But if you happen to not celebrate Christmas, it’s not personal at all. It’s not an exact comparison, but it’s a little like being wished a Happy Birthday when it’s not your birthday.

      • Dolphieness

        Wow… after reading this thread (and seeing how much you post striking out against Merry Christmas) … you show as a Troll. My question to you: How much do they pay you or are you just that unhappy or wait… maybe it is both?

        • 1MiddleRoader

          Neither. But at least I didn’t write a whole book about it.

        • Benjamin Thomás DuFault

          Middle isn’t a troll because they disagree with you. That’s silly. I don’t think that they have anything against saying ‘Merry Christmas’. They’re just bringing logic into the situation.

  • gthomson13

    That is an amazing turn around – I think I’ll shop at the GAP this year.

  • Bill589

    Well then . . . if that’s the way it is, then I feel compelled to say – ‘Merry Christmas Palins!’

  • Michael Cummings

    Thank you. Umm…well I buy pre-washed & pre-stretched clothes. But glad to hear people in America are respecting Christmas.

    I met a black guy & mentioned it. Then I said “Sorry. African American.” But he looked furious & said “I’m Indian!”. So I now call black people black. If I met Charlize Theron I would call her African American. If I met Oprah I would call her fat, ugly, slaver, & racist.

    • Jay Sands

      Charlize is either African or American and not both. Oprah is a POS racist no doubt. Don’t you remember when she first started? She changed her lying style in order to tap in to the REAL AMERICA and thereby earn her billions, all the while hiding her devout racism. She thought she had hidden it away Then her TV CHANNEL bombs like HUSSEIN CARE and now the race card is back.

  • Ahcma

    I talked to my uncle recently and he started to end the call with “hope you have some happy holidays”. I retorted, “Well, I’m going to be politically incorrect here and say to you – MERRY CHRISTMAS”. I could barely make out his “I’ll talk to you later” throughout his laughter. Put a BIG smile on my face.

  • K BS

    I don’t celebrate Christmas . . . guess they don’t want my business. I’ll be glad to shop somewhere that recognizes not everyone is the same.

  • roger lieson

    My shopping is done but I will still go to the gap now and buy something just to say thank you for bringing Christmas back to their stores. This really means something to me and I will tell everyone I know about this and urge them to stop by the Gap stores and show their support.

    • gbakedgbaked

      will you be wishing a merry Christmas to the 10 year old child that made the clothing you bought? Or maybe to the mother of the child that died when the Gap sweatshop crumbled to the ground?

  • pete4palin

    Kudos to Gap!

  • George Murrey

    When I’m at any store, I don’t go out of my way but have been saying for years MERRY CHRISTMAS, even when the store clerk says happy holidays.

    • Jay Sands

      Well said. The employee is probably espousing the company line (Happy Holidays) and could lose their job by not complying.

    • Benjamin Thomás DuFault

      I’ll say happy holidays when I’m at work, but if a customer wishes me a ‘Merry Christmas’ or a happy other holiday I wish them the same back. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. There’s nothing wrong with saying either.

  • 1MiddleRoader

    Here’s a novel idea- How about store clerks saying “Happy Hanukkah” during the 8 days of Hanukkah, “Happy Kwanzaa” for the week after Christmas, which is when that holiday is, and “Merry Christmas” the rest of the time? If that’s too much to deal with, say “Happy Holidays”. Really, the best thing a salesperson can say to me is, “Did you know this is half-price?”

    • Jay Sands

      Freedom of speech at its finest. I can assure you that when that time in your lie comes down to the NUT CUTTING YOU will cry out for your mother and GOD. Guaranteed.

    • jb80538

      “Kwanzaa” needs to be left out since it is a made up thing by a communist idiot!

      • gummifera

        Hanukkah is a minor Jewish holiday. The only reason a big deal is made of it is that it occurs near Christmas.

      • Benjamin Thomás DuFault

        Well to be fair, all holidays are ‘made-up things’ for whatever reason. Regardless of who started it, Kwanzaa is a holiday to celebrate African-American history and Culture. There’s nothing wrong with that.

        • jb80538

          Well they have gotten an entire month (October) to celebrate being black and their “contributions” to our society.

          • Benjamin Thomás DuFault

            Do people celebrating Kwanzaa effect your life in any way whatsoever? I don’t think it does. The problem is, methinks, that you have a problem with a demographic of people whom you don’t like (judging from the tone of your comments) being prideful in who they are. Do you really think that you are a ‘better person’ because the pigment of your skin is (I’m guessing) lighter than that of a human being with African descent?

          • jb80538

            No the biggest problem I have with it is that it can be talked about in school but one is chastized badly for mentioning the word “Christmas”

          • Benjamin Thomás DuFault

            When I was in school (graduated high school in 2009) nobody as ever chastised for mentioning Christmas. And I went to one of the most liberal high schools in the country.

    • c4pfan

      Someone needs to read Sarah’s book. Sarah mentions being inclusive of other holidays, but we aren’t out of it to know what most of those gifts are for.

      • 1MiddleRoader

        Sorry. I’m not following you.

  • Jay Sands

    Bristol I Love your mom. However I am not sure that you’ve recovered. I pray for all of you. WTG GAP and OLD NAVY.

  • 1MiddleRoader

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again- it’s not about offending people, it’s about including them. Sarah Palin has a special needs child; I’m sure she’s familiar with the concept of inclusion. I don’t know this for a fact, but he is probably in an inclusive classroom. Although of lesser consequence (I don’t really care if I feel included in a store), it’s the same idea. To “use the term ‘Christmas’ exclusively throughout the season” is not inclusive.

    • Tisha Williams

      And what “Season” are you talking about?

      • gummifera

        The Christmas Season?

        • Tisha Williams

          Exactly….so you would say Merry Christmas.

          • 1MiddleRoader

            Question for you, Tisha. What do you say from Dec. 26 to beginning of Jan.?

          • Tisha Williams

            What I say is”I hope you have a very Happy New Year”.

          • 1MiddleRoader

            That’s my point. Happy Holidays & Season’s Greetings started to become popular in the 1950’s or so (according to Wikipedia), before all this PC stuff. It covers New Years as well. (and Russian Orthodox and some Greek Orthodox sects that celebrate Xmas on Jan 6), plus Three Kings Day (Epiphany), which my family used to celebrate when I was a child. Point is, those greetings cover several Christian holidays as well.

    • A.J.

      Since I’m not a Christian I don’t celebrate their holiday. I say Happy Holidays simply because I have no idea if they celebrate or not, and oddly enough most aren’t very appreciative to hearing Happy Yule or well wishes for a good Winter Solstice.

  • Raymond Cism

    It’s OK to say Merry Christmas. It’s not a swear word, the n-word, or even an offensive phrase.

  • Joseph W Schmidt

    Thank you for sharing this and good for you GAP have a merry Christmas.

  • a_k_

    There’s nothing that the Christians love more than to be pandered to by corporations peddling goods made by people who have probably never heard of Christmas and who probably won’t be receiving any presents. Christmas is a co-opted holiday, celebrated at the time of winter solstice, a time of rebirth in nature. Modern Christmas is a corporate consumerist holiday. How much do you want to bet that some PR firm paid Bristol to blog this on Gap/ON’s behalf?

    • HuntingMoose

      are you trying to get the grinch prize?
      first we make a point that they don’t say it and are weak to be bullied into caving to the religion of Atheism and now they no longer cave to the atheists with a lawyer, you talk them down again.
      way to go, grinch.

      • a_k_

        Merry Christmas. I think that the real weakness is your insecurity about the relevance of your religion in relation to this holiday.

        And, no Atheist lawyers are behind Gap/ON or others not saying “Merry Christmas.” Corporations can say whatever they wish regarding religion.

  • 1MiddleRoader

    So, is there a war on Easter too? Do “angry atheists” object to the Easter bunny?Just wondering…

  • c4pfan

    It just makes sense to me.

  • c4pfan

    Some posts on here sure tell me they don’t read or haven’t read Sarah’s book. Sarah mentions including other religions and if a person wants to say ‘Happy Holidays’ that’s fine, just don’t force people NOT to say ‘Merry Christmas’.

    • 1MiddleRoader

      Yes, I understand that, to quote Palin, there’s not a “doggone thing” wrong with saying “Happy Holidays”. So we agree there. I also agree that people should be allowed to say “Merry Christmas”. Where we disagree is that I think they are allowed to say it. However, employers also have the right to instruct their employees to use a more inclusive greeting with their customers, just like they have the right to make them wear a name tag, or a uniform, or not to use profanity in front of customers.

  • David

    Thanks, Gap. Merry Christmas !

  • Itarion

    Happy Holydays.

  • Kristy Patullo

    Good for the Gap. Fighting back works.

  • Rocko19

    Merry Chistmas

  • hawkj68

    They made the nice list for saying Merry Christmas?? Really?? Well they make the naughty list, imo, for the treatment of the workers (errr, kids included) in Bangladesh that are sewing their clothing line. The 100 hour work weeks, beatings and child labor (all for a mere pittance of compensation) are fine because…hey, the Gap says Merry Christmas…I’m sure it makes those workers feel so much better.