Check Out Alabama Football Player AJ McCarron

Check Out Alabama Football Player AJ McCarron March 4, 2014

I love nice guys!  Check out this story of friendship, about how a Alabama football player extended kindness to a kid who shared his name.

Watch below to learn about the friendship of A.J. McCarron and A.J. Starr.


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  • Candace Crane

    The state of Alabama is very proud to have the fine young man represent our state with such grace and honor. AJ McCarron will go far in life!

  • $3838536

    Bristol is cordially invited to visit Alabama.

    • DeAndre


  • dmac8889

    Awesome, I hope Alabama keeps this AJ in their heart forever. A fan like that deserves the best.

  • David

    A.J. McCarron is a good Man.

  • blueniner

    Great Story Bristol…Aj McCarron will be drafted by an NFL team this coming May.

  • Kristy Patullo

    What an awesome story, thanks so much for sharing, Bristol. Two great guys. God
    bless them both.

  • Lewis Allan

    A.J. McCarron is fat and lazy. Great college game manager, but his gut is huge. He won’t go sooner than the fifth round.

  • Lewis Allan

    Bristol your choice to not be genuine will haunt you in the pits of hell. You and your mother with this public farce of a lifestyle that portends faith but shuns saints will be your painful eternity. John wrote that you can change your ways and still enter into heaven. Heed that warning. Stop your racist capitalist lifestyle and turn to the true and living God.

    • Michael Young

      @Lewis Allen, you’re an idiot.

  • Doris Dailey

    I’ve had 4 close CP friends, one who recently passed away at age 84. I talk with one in FL who I’ve known for years – he lives alone and has aides who come in to get him up, put him to bed and feed him. In spite of their handicap they are patient, never complain or feel sorry for themselves. Special people!