Son of God Movie

I went to see “Son of God” with my family!! I loved it!

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  • PalinHeartsPutin

    So here you are at a Hollywood prescreening of this movie and loving it. While your mother in her last tweet trashes Hollywood. Too funny.
    What a family. Has your mother called Putin yet to trash the President? Maybe to invite him to hunt bear in Alaska shirtless so she can admire his manliness. I bet her fantasy is a shirtless manly Putin gutting a bear, ripping out it’s still beating heart and giving it to her as a gift. Such love for a tyrant. Your mother is a traitor.

    • Actually, no, the traitor would be your president. Who betrays the United States of American with EVERY foreign policy decision he makes. Whose stated goal is to “fundamentally transform” this nation into a shadow if its former self.

      Just the latest destructive act: Promoting a copkiller’s lawyer to work in the Department of Justice? And then calling it a tragedy when the people’s representatives actually had the good sense to vote that man down?

      Not to mention his lack of intelligence: Doesn’t know how to spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

      But you continue to ignore the intellectual dunce and national traitor that is your president and spend your time trolling the daughter of a private citizen, who dares to tell the truth about the traitor that is your president… Go for it!

      • Carolina

        Look up righty favorite John Roberts and who he defended in his past. And he is on the supreme court appointed by Bush. Roberts defended someone who murdered 8 friggin people.

        You really want to compare spelling mishaps between President Obama and let’s say….Sarah Palin? Lollll And for all the stupid things to condemn the President for. Typical teatard.
        And Sarah Palin on the Sean Hannity show the other night showed what a complete idiot she is. She is a national embarrassment. To praise Putin as being “more manly,” is not only traitorous and dangerous, it shows just what a little, hateful, whiny, bitter person she is.

        She will never be taken seriously again except for the few remaining crazies who seriously believe she will run for President. And will now be remembered as that twit from Wasilla who gets all hot and bothered when she sees a shirtless picture of her hero Putin.

        • Tred

          In her defense I think Palin was on something during that interview. If that is an excuse.

          • Carolina

            I don’t know if she was on something, or just starving. Her lack of food is killing the few remaining brain cells she has left.

          • Michelle Erb

            Maybe whatever Willow is putting in her hair is making her ill.

      • Michelle Erb

        A “copkillers lawyer”?! Really?! The nerve?! How unAmerican!

        Did you ever hear of John Adams? He represented the red coats who committed the Boston Massacre because he believed in a justice system. Chief Justice John Roberts represented a serial killer pro-bono, and yet a Republican president nominated him to lead the Supreme court.

        What is the difference here? That the nominee and his client are black?

        Did you know that Republican appointed judges agreed with the nominee and reversed the death penalty because they concluded that the jury instructions were in fact illegal? And now you would vilify him because of the crime his client was accused of? Even though he was right about the law and that ruling will protect future defendants?

        Is there any right wing propaganda that you wont repeat?

  • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

    Such an interesting variety of posts in response to Bristol seeing “Son of God.” I know this might seem odd, out of line, and totally off the subject, but I’ll add this, “Thanks for the review! I’m tempted to go see it myself.”

    • Michelle Erb

      Kudos on the subtle sarcasm : )

      Just to fill you in though. The reason so many people can’t resist bringing up other issues on Patheos is that the Palins post hateful propaganda bombs on their Facebook pages and delete and ban anyone who posts polite factual responses (while they leave all kinds of threatening hate speech if it comes from their supporters).

      Those of us who know what that kind of hate propaganda can lead to can’t resist an opportunity to respond here where there is at least a 50% chance we wont be censored.

      So far Patheos is allowing the Palins to use their site to continue to try and clothe themselves in sheep’s clothing. But if you are the good christian you claim to be, you must know by now that they are wolves.

      • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

        Yes, sarcasm reared it’s ugly head with the ” way off topic, out of line and off subject,” but other that, I was totally serious.

  • Kristy Patullo

    Awe. ♥ Watched it on the small screen. It was sublime. And it’s doing great at the
    box office. Very well-deserved.

  • Mark

    “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father, but by Me.” …Jesus (John 14:6)