Great Bumper Sticker! “Politicians Prefer….”

Just saw this…

Sometimes bumper stickers make my day!


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  • Michael Cummings

    Yes it’s true and embarrassing AND a far cry from the founding fathers.

    • Jog

      No Michael, what’s embarassing is Cliven Bundy and those who ridiculously call him a patriot and hero.

      • marcus3127

        No Jog, what’s embarrassing are stupid liberals like yourself.

        • Jog

          Really Marcus??? You don’t find Cliven Bundy an embarrassment to this country? Or at least an embarrassment to the Tea Party?

  • Michelle Erb

    So I gather you and your mother are still suppporting freeloading Cliven Bundy who refuses to even recognize that the federal government exists. Not that big a surprise since your father belonged to a secessionist group and your mother rallied with people who carried confederate flags to the white house gates, and, actually read a poem about how much she hates America,

    Now the white supremacists whose propaganda you have been spreading on this blog are coming out and posting openly on your pages.

    I would still love to see you take a good luck in the mirror and stop with the dangerous rhetoric and propaganda. You certainly do not seem to have any good reason to be so hateful and ungrateful to the country you grew up in.

    For now I give up. Y’all can just wallow in your hate and pretend that you are acting like “Christians.”

    p.s. No one has been trying to take your guns away.

    • dr. woo

      Don’t give up. You are not alone.

    • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

      You of all people comes to this site to spew your hate…if you don’t like or don’t want to read the truth…stay out…White Supremacists?? I believe that you are one of them…hateful…envious…deceitful…liar…”For now, I give up. Y’all can just wallow in your hate and pretend that you are acting like Christians” And…You are??

  • Itarion

    Tyrants prefer unarmed, uninformed, unaware “citizens”.
    Politicians are a much more varied group. You know, since there are pro-gun politicos. Good job all around.

  • Jog

    Love how rather come right out and voice her support for Cliven Bundy, the law breaking, anti government, free loading racist wing nut , Sarah Palin posts this bit of nonsense . Classic Palin!

  • Jog

    I also find it hilarious that Sarah Palin chooses to malign politicians, seeing as the longest job she’s ever held was as a politician.

  • Guest

    A Christian who can equate the sacrament of baptism with a barbaric form
    of torture is not a Christian, whatever self-righteous blather she
    emits. And a former vice-presidential candidate who talks of “baptizing”
    Muslim terror suspects through waterboarding is handing al Qaeda a
    propaganda coup on a platter. She disgusts me. And what disgusts me even
    more is the rank cowardice of so many sane Republicans who for far too
    long have failed to take her on.- Andrew Sullivan on Sarah Palin

    • guest

      Conversion by torture sounds very Christian. Inquisition anyone?

    • 1MiddleRoader

      In fairness, Andrew Sullivan’s “birtherism” about Trig a few years back was disgusting as well. And personally, I didn’t find the “baptism” reference offensive. I sometime use the term “baptism by fire,” in non-religious contexts, and I don’t think anyone is offended by it.
      BUT I agree that her speech was disgusting and inaccurate. She totally misrepresented Eric Holder’s words on the gun bracelets. And whatever your opinion on waterboarding, the Administration doesn’t worry about making terrorists uncomfortable. Her carry a gun b/c a “cop is too heavy” was ridiculous; her comment on cussing in school is allowed, but prayer is not is also ridiculous and untrue (at least in most school districts). And who the heck (in the far-distant capital) is wanting us to abandon “even the idea of the American Revolution”??? But the funniest one-liner was “If I were in charge…” One can finish that sentence in so many ways, but I will leave that to the late-night comedians. I’m just glad she’s not in charge.

      • guest

        You may not be offended by the Baptism comment but many many people are. We have Muslim allies who are constantly reassuring their people that the U.S. presence in their country is not for the purpose of forced conversions. It was bad enough when Bush referred to the Iraq war as a “crusade.” These kind of comments do spread and do lead to violence against our military.

        Sarah Palin also confirms the worst fears of many older jews who fear that if a christianist ever took power they would no longer be welcome in their own country.

        Christians have a nearly two thousand year history of forced conversion/murdering non-christians. Most people in this country know that Sarah Palin does not represent most christians. People in other countries are far more susceptible when this kind of thing spreads via propaganda. Do not forget she was on a major party presidential ticket, and has millions of followers on facebook.

        • Jog

          Jon Stewart says it best on Sarah Palin’s water boarding baptism comment:

        • 1MiddleRoader

          Point taken, and those who find her “baptism” one-liner offensive can pick that bone with her. Also agree with you on Crusade, altho I do not think it was intentional on Bush’s part and at least he had the sense not to use the word again, something I have trouble imagining Palin ever doing. She seems incapable of ever saying “I’m sorry” unless it’s followed by “I’m kidding. While I’m not the subject, and I hesitate to bring this up, b/c I may be reading too much into it, but did anyone else find it strange that when she was in her “clownish little Kumbaya-humming fairytale-inhaling liberals” tirade, she took an unnaturally long pause after “fairy”? I truly thought she was going to use a homophobic slur until she finished the word. I can’t prove that she meant to go there, but in my heart, I think she did.

          • guest

            That was not intentional on Bush’s part, and to his credit he never said it again. The point is we have to be careful because of how much damage it can cause. Palin, however, is a flamethrower, and she does not care what damage comes of it.

            As horrible as Bush was, and setting aside the damage he did to our country and the world, he was still far better than someone like Palin would have been. Bush actually tried to stop the unrelenting hatred for all Muslims that has now become acceptable in much of society. The Palin types seem to want to start a holy war against 25% of the world’s population. (to bring on Armageddon?)

          • guest

            I did not hear the “fairy” comment but she loves base humor, and referring to men’s sexual parts or perceived lack of them. She seems obsessed with “manhood.”

  • Jog

    This post of Sarah’s goes hand in hand with the speech she recently delivered ( and obviously wrote herself its so sophomoric, disjointed and lacking substance) to the NRA. OMG hers singsong screech is so annoying. I don’t know how people can listen to it. But I do know. Her continued use of ” us” and “them” and her anti-Muslim tirade and fear mongering is exactly what her audience wants to hear. And she knows it. She’s a player, that’s for sure.

  • Jog

    Conservative Christians speak out against the hate Sarah Palin spews. It’s about time.

    • Pimptastic

      I was actually expecting that link to either go to a “404 Page Not Found” page or a Rick Astley Video. Nice find

  • David

    Yep, Unarmed Citizens are easier for Politicians to Control. If Armed Militias had not moved in to help, the Bundy Family would probably be dead … it looks like the BLM intended to Create another Ruby Ridge or a Waco at the Bundy Ranch … you know … so the rest of us “Peons” … would Fear our All Powerful Federal Government … and would not try to Resist Anything the Feds have Planned for us.

    • Jog

      Seriously David? No, the Bundy’s wouldn’t be dead. They would simply have to pay the $1 million they own in unpaid grazing fees for the last 20 years. And will still have to pay this or face further repercussions. The Bundy family doesnt own that land and knew the fee for using it. Cliven Bundy is a moocher. And a racist. And not too bright.

      • David

        Jog, you must have missed the video of the BLM Agents using Tasers and Police Dogs on Peaceful Protesters. It was just a matter of time before those BLM Agents escalated the confrontation and used their Weapons on the Bundy Family. And … the Land belongs to the State of Nevada … not the Federal Government … the Feds have No Constitutional Right to Claim the land . .. not since the Territory of Nevada became a State.

        • Jog

          No David, perhaps it is you that missed the ” peaceful protestors” posed with their guns aimed at federal agents. Cliven Bundy was grazing his cattle illegally and refusing to pay the money he owes the feeral government for 20 years. As for who owns the land and Bundy’s claims about his family being there for centuries…. Well, you need to learn what’s true and what’s not.

          • David

            Jog, the Armed Militias moved in ‘After’ they saw the videos (on the Internet not on the News) of the BLM Agents abusing the Peaceful Protesters. The American People will not allow Federal Agents to create another Ruby Ridge or a Waco and get away with it.

          • Jog

            David, I’ve seen the video. Those were not ” peaceful protestors”. They were an angry mob, looking for a fight. The Anerican People??? The American people actually recognize the federal government and abide by our country’s laws. Don’t try to claim these self-declared ” patriots” represent the country. Cliven Bundy has no claim jn that land. It is federal land and ranchers wanting to use it for cattle grazing pay a fee. Well, not Cliven Bundy. He is mooching. And has been for 20 years. If he doesn’t pay his fees and continues to put his cattle on that hand, they should be confiscated.

        • guest

          They tased someone AFTER he kicked a dog. A lot of beat cops would have pepper sprayed them all and shot anyone who resisted. Happens every day in America. Why don’t the milita show up when officers do use excessive force? They would be quite busy.

          When did the right decide that they were FOR violence against animals? It seems to be becoming a pattern, with republican legislators showing up at cock fights etc.

    • guest

      Our military is capable of wiping out a lot more than one little militia. I am not sure why you guys hate America and democracy, but if you ever do take on the government your guns wont do it.

      • David

        The BLM is not part of our Military … the BLM is a corrupt Federal Agency.

        • guest

          The military reference was in response to the idea that guns would protect anyone from the government.

          Corrupt how? I agree it was pretty negligent to let the guy freeload so long, but it has been in the courts for a long time even though Bundy has lost at every turn.

          Since he lost in the courts, the government could just go in and seize all his property. And if he fires they could bring their full force against him, The feds certainly have the fire power to wipe those idiots out in a few hours. But they decided it is not worth losing valuable American lives to go against some assholes who are aching for a fight and have already promised to put women into the line of fire. Not to mention that they kicked dogs.

          You do realize his family has not actually been there for a hundred years? That was a lie. Would he prefer that the land had been sold to a private owner so that he could pay 16 times as much in fees? The ranchers who actually recognize that our federal government exists have been happy to pay their fair share.

          • David

            The land belongs to the State of Nevada … not the Federal Government .. the Feds are ‘Claiming Ownership’ of the land … but the Federal Government has no Constitutional Right to ‘Claim’ the land or to charge Fees for it’s use … not since the point in time when Nevada became a State.

          • guest

            Other than that the rights they derive from the Federal Constitution as well as the Constitution of the State of Nevada, which recognizes both the federal government and the U.S. Constitution.

            If we the people are not happy with how much land we hold federally (so that the state can not destroy it -Imagine Sarah Palin having had control over federal land in Alaska), we can vote for legislators to change things. One guy does not get to just freeload for his own self interest. You must hate Republican heroes Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, since federal parks are mostly thanks to Teddy and Reagan is the one who extended federal policies regarding that land in Nevada.

            Would you feel the same if Bundy and his supporters were Muslims, Mexicans or blacks saying they did not recognize the U.S. government? Based on Bundy’s arguments Mexican and Native Americans, who were there well before the Bundys or any Caucasians would have a far greater claim than that of Bundy. I guess we should invite them to move into our National parks.

          • 1MiddleRoader

            Agreed, Guest. Isn’t it the right wing that is supposed to be so Constitution-loving, and the leftists are supposed to be trampling the Constitution? Truth is, both sides pick and choose the parts of the Constitution that support their views.

          • 1MiddleRoader

            Not an expert in these matters, but the Nevada Constitution states: “…That the people inhabiting said territory do agree and declare, that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within said territory, and that the same shall be and remain at the sole and entire disposition of the United States; …..”
            The Constitution, ratified in 1864, predates Bundy’s (tenuous) claims that his family’s been using the land since 1880.

          • Jog

            Correct Middleroader. David is wrong about the land belonging to Nevada. And Bundy is wrong in claiming his family supposed grazing rights date back to 1800’s. They weren’t even there until 1954. Bundy’s permit to graze was not renewed years ago because of his unpaid fees. He has been repeatedly warned that he cannot graze his cattle there without a permit and paying his fees due and that his cattle would be confiscated. For some reason Cliven Bundy and his supporters think you can choose which laws have to be followed and which ones don’t.

  • guest