‘SOMEONE’S IN THE BASEMENT FOR SURE!’; Tammy Bruce live tweets discovery of home intruder

Oh my gosh, this is crazy!  Twitchy reports:

Conservative talk show host Tammy Bruce was having a quiet evening writing at home. Then her dog Sydney started acting up. At first she joked that her apartment was haunted, but she soon realized something was seriously wrong.

Read Tammy’s tweets here, as she goes from hearing a noise, to calling the cops, to finding out there was a guy breaking into her house!

Glad she’s okay!  Read the tweets here.

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  • Jog

    I thought Sarah was a big pan of Bruce? Why would thus be posted here? It just makes her look bad. Didnt lock her door. Beyond that no real story. Homeless person goes into basement. Cops come and remove him. I’m sorry, what’s the point?

  • Zach Vrooman

    I would have sent the dog down after the person, but that’s just me.

    • Michelle Erb

      Dogs are great for sounding an alarm and discouraging break-ins in the first place. (No one is coming in my place after they hear my girls sound-off). But I would not send them down into a basement to possibly get shot. I love my dogs.

      • Zach Vrooman

        But you’re ok with a couple of cops going into a dark basement to possibly get shot? Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of dogs. We had two for a long time growing up- a doberman/lab mix and a doberman. Both were VERY protective. If anyone broke into our basement, we would have had to drag them away from the door so they didn’t go down and shred the guy.

        • Michelle Erb

          I am not okay with anyone getting shot, but at least a cop can shoot first. Dogs would just be target practice.

          Hopefully I would not be in that position in the first place since I keep my doors locked and my alarm on. I am not like some cocky gun owners who think they do not need to take simple precautions.

          Besides if it was just a homeless guy, why would I want dogs to tear him apart?