Remembering Robin Williams When He Performed for the Troops

Cleared for release by Joint Staff Public Affairs

What a sad day for Robin Williams and his family — especially after all of the laughs he gave us.  Robin’s widow asked us to remember him in his life, not his death today by suicide, so that’s what I’m going to do.

You have to love someone who made the effort to entertain the troops.  Here’s a great moment when he’s in the middle of his routine, and it’s interrupted by a flag ceremony.

May God bless his family in this terrible time.

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  • CrusadaB


  • Sue Lynn

    May God comfort his family and friends at this time of sorrow…

  • Rockyballbuster

    RIP, “Divorce is like getting your heart ripped out… through your wallet.” RW

  • Boots_Standifer

    I cannot stop crying over Robin’s passing. This is the saddest news.

  • Cvb

    I guess you have to love an avowed liberal and Democrat then. Good

    • Guest

      Robin was a brilliant performer who truly cared about people. You’re a nasty twat who uses situations like this to spray jingoistic mung. You’re a pathetic waste of skin.

      • Cvb

        He truly did. My point was that this blog writer should rethink how she views liberals and Democrats.

        Twat? Nice talk….. And do you even know the meaning of jingoistic? I think either you don’t or you misinterpreted my comment ( though even then I can’t fathom how you got jingoistic from it).

        • coleman984

          Cvb, you see that is the problem, you and so many others think that we aren’t capable of loving the opposite party. You are wrong, you don’t have to agree with someone to love them. I’d recommend you truly evaluate what the liberal left says, you just might find that love you think they have lacking and instead you may find much hatred propagated.

          I know that is what I found when I actually decided to think about what was said instead of being one of the many followers that aren’t actually have an opinion of of their own.

  • Cvb

    The goodness of Robin Williams. He made us laugh and made us cry and he deeply cared for others ( see video below). I’m sorry we lost such a great and funny man to mental illness. Someone who knew him wrote today that they hoped he didn’t know how much the world loved and respected him…..because then that would mean even that wasn’t enough.

  • Kerri Lancaster

    Horrible loss for his family……He made some great comedies that will live on…..