U2’s Bono Talks Openly About His Faith in Jesus

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Oh my gosh, I love this!  Was Jesus just a “good man?”  Bono from U2 talks openly and freely about his faith in Christ.

Watch here:

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  • I’m really glad Bono said this. I’m turned off by the ease the interviewer interrogates Bono about his prayers though. Prayer is very personal, even intimate, yet the interviewer doesn’t seem to understand that. This is still major. Definitely a PTL moment! And MAJOR kudos to Bono’s brave defense of his faith.

    • Cvb

      Operative word HIS faith, HIS prayers. As an agnostic/atheist I can appreciate that he ( or anyone) has his own beliefs and rituals . And yes, that is a very personal thing.

  • James

    Not only was I a bit shocked but pleasantly surprised by the biblical statement, that Yahshua is the son of God. Nowhere did he allude to messiah as a God. Very correct and 99% of Christians do not know that.