College professor caught doing this to 9/11 remembrance posters

College professor caught doing this to 9/11 remembrance posters September 13, 2016

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I don’t want to live in a world where remembering the victims of 9/11 needs approval or offends someone. Unfortunately, we all live in that world.

A 9/11 memorial set up by conservative students at Saddleback College in Southern California was canceled and a purple-haired professor of history was sent out to tear down the “Never Forget” posters that hung around campus.

According to The College Fix, members of the Young Americans for Freedom group said they went through the proper channels to start their group but met resistance from campus leaders who put a bunch of red tape in their way of gaining the required active status to hold events.

Initially, the event was approved but leaders wanted some of the group’s by-laws changed, and that reversed their original decision.

“The funny thing is that these are the exact same documents we submitted last year with no problem at all,” said Kyle Chiu, chair of the conservative group . “This technically keeps us from active status, thus giving the Student Development Office what they feel is justification for canceling our event. An event the same office approved a couple weeks before.”

However, the deflated students went ahead and hung the posters around campus and planted American flags into the ground to memorialize the victims. But because the posters weren’t approved, the school sent out history Professor Margot Lovett to tear them down. The professor’s actions were caught on video. She told the students that they needed to go through the proper channels before hanging posters around campus. It is noted in the report that Lovett officially blamed the 9/11 attacks on American imperialism back in 2001.

It is noted in the report that back in 2001, Lovett officially blamed the 9/11 attacks on American imperialism.

Thankfully, the flag display was kept intact, unlike a similar display at another SoCal college. At Occidental College in Los Angeles, 2,977 American flags representing the 9/11 victims were pulled up, broken in two, and thrown in the trash by social justice warriors “triggered” by their presence. There’s at least a happy ending to this one as students who weren’t a part of the conservative club that created the display dug the flags out of the trash and replanted them around campus. There’s a little humanity left in this world, but it’s dying fast.

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