The Federalist nails it: Babies are the “uninvited guests of the sexual revolution”

I love this post in The Federalist by James Silberman about the value of human life. 

Now that scientists have developed 3-D ultrasounds, it is no longer tenable to claim that the preborn are not human or that a child inside the womb is somehow less human than a child outside of it. Ever since then, and now with the Center for Medical Progress unveiling to the world exactly what goes on inside Planned Parenthood, the abortion lobby’s defense of abortion has shifted dramatically.

There is no more denying the humanity of the preborn. The only thing abortion supporters can do now is claim that a human life only has value if they say so.

Here are my favorite lines from the piece — which you really should read in its entirety:

Abortion simply perpetuates the human tradition of putting personal ambitions and desires before others’ lives.

And another great one:

If you are going to have sexual promiscuity, then there are going to be mistakes, and many women are going to get pregnant without wanting to do so.” Babies are the “uninvited guests” of the sexual revolution who must be erased so adults can have their fun.

Powerful.  It’s time to prioritize LIFE!


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