What these patriotic high school footballers did before their game puts Colin Kaepernick to shame

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 9.38.47 PMImage via Facebook screenshot

I’ve been disgusted watching San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick disrespect America by refusing to stand to honor the flag during the pre-game national anthem. So, I REALLY needed to hear this next story to make me feel better about our nation’s future.

Putting that rich, NFL brat to shame was Michigan’s Lapeer Lightning Freshmen football team. These young men found out that the national anthem wasn’t going to play before their game because it had played earlier and so, they decided to sing it themselves.

A proud mom posted the story to Facebook:

The boys’ coach, Bryan Sahr, said he was impressed with the team’s courage to put themselves out there like that.

“A lot of teenagers would be embarrassed to do that. I know I don’t like to hear myself sing,” Sahr said.

But these players didn’t mind and brought the stadium to its feet to salute the flag and the freedom it represents.

Now that’s a kind of class Kaepernick could only dream of!

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