Transgendered Americans, Have Higher Standards! Chelsea Manning Is No Hero

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I can’t believe how awful Vogue magazine is.  Would you believe they are featuring Chelsea Manning in their magazine?  Remember that Chelsea used to be “Bradley Manning” and he is NO hero.

National Review reminds us what he did:

He disclosed, in a gigantic document dump, more than a million pages of classified information, including information about American military operations, American diplomacy, and American allies. The Obama administration was forced to rush to safety foreign friends whom Manning had outed as helping Americans. He broke faith with every relevant provision of the Army’s warrior ethos — he abandoned his mission, he actively aided the enemy, and he acted with stunning disregard for the lives of his comrades. He did so because, acting on his own authority, he decided he wanted to stimulate “worldwide discussion, debate, and reforms.”

To be clear, this wasn’t whistleblowing. He didn’t identify a specific wrong and expose it responsibly while taking care to minimize the harm of disclosure. He just disclosed documents without regard for their contents. He didn’t know if anyone would die because of his actions. He didn’t know to what extent vital missions or programs would be compromised. He just did what he wanted to do. There was no honor in his action. None.

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Mark Hemmingway put it nicely:

As David French asked in National Review:

Do the transgender soldiers actually serving look at Chelsea Manning as a poster child for trans service?

The answer should be NO!

Watch a CNN video on it below:

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