Actress Brags about Her Abortion, Says Her First Was Her ‘Best One’ Ever

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Have you ever heard about this horrific new development called #ShoutYourAbortion?  It’s where women who have had abortions brag about it. In Seattle, recently actress Martha Plimpton (who starred in “The Goonies”) talked about her two abortions.  IJR has the details:

“Seattle has some particular significance for me for lots of reasons. I’ve got a lot of family here, some of whom are here in the audience tonight. I also had my first abortion here at the Seattle Planned Parenthood.


Notice I said ‘first.’ I said ‘first.’ And I don’t want Seattle — I don’t want you guys to feel insecure, it was my best one.

If I could Yelp review it, I totally would.”


Also, Willie Parker, who is a former Planned Parenthood doctor and abortionist, was there.  By the way, even though he’s an abortionist, he claims he’s never killed a baby.  Ummmmm?  Anyway, he was in Seattle to make fun of people who believe that it’s wrong to kill human beings:

“When physicians say as a matter of conscience that they don’t provide abortions, that’s fine because you shouldn’t do anything you can’t do conscientiously.

But if you fail to refer that person on, you’re now doing harm.”

Okaaay….  Then, in his twisted logic, he went on:

“If you really believe that abortion is murder, call 911 and see if the police will come to an abortion clinic.

But the reality is, abortions aren’t bad, they are good. They’re health care.

I’ve never killed a baby. I’ve ended pregnancies, but I’ve never killed a baby.”

It remind me of this Bible passage, Isaiah 5:20:

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

That’s what we’re seeing all over this nation.  It makes me sick honestly.  This “shout your abortion” campaign is unreal… It’s trying to glamorize something that shouldn’t even exist.

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Hat Tip: IJR

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